Day 6

Baroness von Sketch prepares to take a curtsy with its final season

Baroness von Sketch Show has announced that the upcoming season would be their last. The all-female sketch comedy troupe has pushed the boundaries and they've brought the awkward experiences of middle-aged women to the forefront.

'I'm sure we're all going to still continue to be awkward and continue to be in our 40s,' says Jennifer Whalen

From left to right, Aurora Browne, Jennifer Whalen, Meredith MacNeill and Carolyn Taylor are the performers behind CBC's hit series Baroness von Sketch Show. (CBC)

They've helped us laugh our way through the angst, the anxiety and the awkwardness of life, but now Baroness von Sketch Show is calling it a wrap.

In a recent news release the all-female comedy troupe announced that the upcoming fall season will be their fifth and final year of the show.

From awkward dates to visits to the gynecologist to nude selfies, the show has pushed the boundaries of comedy and television.

This week Baroness von Sketch Show won five Canadian Screen Awards, including best sketch comedy show and ensemble performance.

Season five of the show was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic forced entertainment productions to a halt, so it will be ready to launch with the new CBC fall season.

Jennifer Whalen is one of the co-creators and co-stars of the show. She spoke with Day 6 host Brent Bambury about the show's successes and the decision to take a curtsy.

Written and produced by Laurie Allan.

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