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Day 6 is a news magazine show that delivers a surprising take on the week.


Brent Bambury, who has always had a deep connection to radio, was still a teenager when he launched his career at CBC, working in Saint John, Halifax and Montreal.

When CBC Radio 2 launched the all-night underground music show Brave New Waves in 1984, Brent worked on the show as a correspondent and was named the show's permanent host a year later. He spent the remainder of the '80s and half of the '90s staying up late, sharing his love for obscure and emerging music.

In the early 1990s, Brent worked as an entertainment reporter for CBC Television's Midday and made the move to co-host with Tina Srebotnjak from 1995 to 2000. In 2000, he helped Kai Black and David Carroll reinvent the game show genre with their highly successful CBC Radio One show, Off the Cuff.

In 2002, he moved to Ottawa to host CBC's top-rated afternoon show All in a Day and also helped design and host the national music quiz show GrooveShinny, even making up the show's goofy name. In 2008, he returned to television to co-host Test the Nation with Wendy Mesley, bringing huge audiences to CBC-TV and rejuvenating the idea of live TV broadcast.

In this period of compulsive creativity, Brent helped invent the Saturday morning playhouse GO!. For eight years GO! was broadcast live across the country, redefining the limits of live radio and making kids out of all listeners of all ages.

Obsessively creating new content, Brent is back at it again with Day 6, a new show that blends journalism, current affairs, comedy and opinion together on the radio.

Brent thinks radio should be kinetic, full of life, fun, outrageous and thoughtful all at the same time. You can follow him on Twitter @notrexmurphy.


Gord Westmacott — Senior Producer 

Gord came to CBC Radio in 2002. He was a producer at As It Happens and The Current before joining Day 6 in 2016. He got his start in journalism writing about pop music for the London Free Press and swears he used to play in a punk band even though no one believes it.

Laurie Allan — Producer
Laurie has been at CBC Radio since 2001, starting as an intern with the program This Morning. Since then, she has helped launched CBC Radio on Sirius, contributed to Remembering Peter Gzowski, and has worked with As It Happens and The Sunday Edition. At Day 6, Laurie is the producer behind our series about waste and recycling, entitled Wasted. Her documentary, The more things change: How a husband and wife came to love each other more as wife and wife, is the winner of a 2018 Gracie Award. In her spare time Laurie can be found coaching her first love – girls' softball.

Annie Bender — Producer 

Annie joined the Day 6 team in 2015 after cutting her current affairs teeth with CBC Radio's The Current and As It Happens. She's the producer behind "The Big Trip," "Automate This!" and "Facing the Change," and as well as dozens of short radio docs like this one. Before starting her career in journalism, Annie did anthropological fieldwork in Indonesia. If she's not digging up stories for the show, she's probably singing karaoke or hanging out at her parents' hobby goat farm.

Yamri Taddese — Associate Producer

Yamri is the newest member of the Day 6 team. She came to the show in 2018 after stints at The Current and Podcast Playlist. Yamri started her career in print, covering the legal and business beats at Thomson Reuters and breaking news at the Toronto Star. One of the highlights of her time at CBC Radio has been producing #CBCFacingRace, a three-city series of town halls on the everyday impact of race in the lives of Canadians.


Becky Toyne — Should I Read It?

Becky has been the "Should I Read It?" columnist for Day 6 since 2010. In a publishing career spanning 15 years and two continents, she has edited internationally best-selling and award-nominated novels, managed the PR campaigns for some of Canada's most prestigious literary festivals, fundraisers and awards, and championed free expression as a member of the board of directors at PEN Canada. A regular host and interviewer at literary events, her writing about books and publishing has appeared in the Globe and Mail, National Post, Open Book: Toronto and elsewhere.

Aaron Hagey-Mackay — Satire columnist

Aaron spent his 20s making sketch comedy with the award-winning Toronto-based troupe, Jape. Now he's mostly a writer, working on projects like The Canadaland Guide to Canada, the Beaverton and, of course, his own dumb projects. Hire him to write for you, or at least follow him on Twitter @AaronHM.

The Day 6 Music Panel:

Andrea Warner is a writer, critic, broadcaster, and podcaster focusing on music, arts, pop culture and feminism. She's the author of the book Buffy Sainte-Marie: The Authorized Biography (Sept. 25, 2018, Greystone) as well as the acclaimed 2015 book We Oughta Know: How Four Women Ruled the '90s and Changed Canadian Music (Eternal Cavalier Press). Andrea is an associate producer at CBC Music and co-hosts the weekly podcast Pop This!. Pop culture, art, and feminism make her happy. @_AndreaWarner

Nate Sloan is co-host of the podcast Switched on Pop, which analyzes the musical techniques behind pop hits. He teaches music history at Fordham University, writes on jazz and popular music, and performs in the two-man vaudeville act The Gideon and Hubcap Show. Nate also composes for film and theatre and plays piano in the Dave Harrington Group.

Maura Johnston is a writer and editor living in Boston. She teaches at Boston College and writes for Rolling Stone, The Boston Globe, the Guardian and Pitchfork. She is currently writing a biography of Madonna for Hanover Square Press.

Melissa Vincent is writer, editor, and community organizer based out of Toronto. She is currently the editor-in-chief at A.Side. Her work has appeared in Pitchfork, Billboard, The Fader, The Globe and Mail, and the West End Phoenix. She serves on the Polaris Prize jury.

Left to right: Andrea Warner, Nate Sloan, Maura Johnston and Melissa Vincent