Episode 408: The Big Trip Pt. 3, #MeToo and redemption, BoJack Horseman, James Frey, Buffy's bio and more

Making psychedelic therapy mainstream, redemption and the #MeToo men, Jeremy Dutcher's Polaris Prize, the sad comedy of BoJack Horseman, 'Should I Read It?' and James Frey, Buffy Sainte-Marie's new biography and more.

Is psychedelic drug therapy on track to become as ubiquitous as meditation?

Psychedelic drugs show promise as a treatment for severe mental illnesses and addiction, but some believe the drugs could also benefit people without a mental health diagnosis.

'I'm going to keep asking': Anna Maria Tremonti breaks down her #MeToo interview with Harper's publisher

The Current's host says there were important questions she wasn't able to ask about #MeToo, redemption and printing an essay by a man accused of sexual harassment.

'It connects me more to who I am,': What Jeremy Dutcher's Polaris Prize means to Wolastoq speakers

Jeremy Dutcher's album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa won the Polaris Prize this week. It's performed entirely in the Wolastoq language, which means a lot for multidisciplinary artist Natalie Sappier.

BoJack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg spins sadness and pathos into comedic gold

BoJack Horseman's signature blend of dark jokes and cartoon animals has propelled it from a cult comic to a critically-acclaimed hit. Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg pulls back the curtain on the bleak humour of Season Five.

James Frey has written another book about James Frey. Should you read it?

James Frey is famous and infamous for 'A Million Little Pieces.' Now he's back with his latest novel, 'Katerina.' Day 6 books columnist Becky Toyne answers the question: Should I Read It?

Ahead of her time for a long time: A new biography documents the storied life of Buffy Sainte-Marie

Andrea Warner says Buffy Sainte-Marie has remained true to herself for half a century, as a musician and a defender of Indigenous people.

Riffed from the Headlines 09/22/2018

Riffed from the Headlines is our weekly quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag.

Episode 407: The Waffle House Index, Trump book quiz, The Big Trip, photographing Spain's ghost towns and more

How the Waffle House Index plays a role in hurricane response, changing the Charter, 'Who Leaked That?': The Trump book quiz, part two of our psychedelics series 'The Big Trip,' diversity on TV, Spain 10 years after the financial crisis and more.

The Waffle House Index: How the U.S. restaurant chain became a key player in hurricane response

The Waffle House chain has become so adept at disaster readiness that the Federal Emergency Management Agency has a Waffle House storm index to judge severity and economic impact on affected communities.

What would you change about the Charter of Rights? Three prominent Canadians weigh in

After Ontario Premier Doug Ford invoked the Charter's 'notwithstanding' clause, a debate has been reignited across the country about why the clause exists and about whether the Canada's Charter of Rights needs to be updated.

'Who leaked that?' Take the Trump book quiz!

Read a short excerpt from a Donald Trump tell-all book and try to guess which book contains the passage.

How psychedelic therapy could treat mental illness — by helping people think more like kids

The brain on psychedelics is surprisingly similar to that of a young child, and psychologist Alison Gopnik says that could explain the drugs' potential to treat mental illness.

Four black actors made history at the Emmys, but is television really becoming more diverse?

Tiffany Haddish and Samira Wiley were among the first time winners who swept the awards show's guest star categories. TV diversity critic Li Lai believes those wins point to a stronger embrace of diversity on screen.

Photographing Spain's ghost towns 10 years after the financial crisis

On the 10th anniversary of the global financial crisis, photographer Markel Redondo returned to capture Spain's ghost towns — housing developments that he first photographed in the aftermath of the 2008 meltdown.

Riffed from the Headlines 09/15/2018

Riffed from the Headlines is our weekly quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag.

Episode 406: Psychedelic therapy, Kaepernick's next move, accessible gaming, virtual Mogadishu and more

Exploring the future of psychedelics in 'The Big Trip,' why Colin Kaepernick doesn't need the NFL, how the Village Voice shaped Andy Warhol's career, a 3D model reimagines Mogadishu, using technology to predict Syrian air strikes, the future of accessible gaming and more.

Why some investors and medical researchers are looking past pot to psychedelic drugs

As cannabis legalization approaches, a renaissance in psychedelic drug research is also underway — and scientists and investors alike are serious about the drugs’ potential.

Swapping furniture for Andy Warhol's art in the Village Voice classifieds

Sydney and Frances Lewis were among America's most prolific collectors of 20th century art and it all began when Sydney offered a television and vacuum to the father of pop art.

'He doesn't need the NFL': How Colin Kaepernick controls his narrative

Colin Kaepernick is starting his second NFL season without a job. But thanks to a viral Nike ad, he is still making his presence felt.

Reconstructing Mogadishu: Using 3D models to preserve Somalia's pre-war beauty

Ex-pat Somali architects have crowd-sourced thousands of old photos to create a 3D model of Mogadishu's historic buildings, many of which have been destroyed by war.

Meet Sentry, the life-saving app that warns Syrian civilians about imminent airstrikes

After seeing the death and destruction caused by airstrikes in Syria, a former U.S diplomat helped develop an AI-driven alert system that warns civilians about impending strikes.

Xbox's Adaptive Controller aims to bring gaming to community of disabled players

Microsoft's new Adaptive Controller for the Xbox One and Windows PC aims to make gaming accessible for those who might find it impossible to play with conventional hardware.

Riffed from the Headlines 09/08/2018

Riffed from the Headlines is our weekly quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag.

Episode 405: Trudeau's bummer summer, gay asylum seekers in Austria, Louis C.K.'s return, Gabor Maté and more

Recapping the summer's top news stories from NAFTA to Elon Musk, redrawing Dust from the X-Men series, gay refugees and Austria's immigration crackdown, Louis C.K. and #MeToo, Mercury 13, Gabor Maté on the opioid crisis and more.