Episode 424: RCMP bias and Indigenous protest, U.S. guns in Mexico, El Chapo's IT guy flips, R. Kelly and more

How the RCMP polices Indigenous movements, U.S. guns fuel instability at the Mexican border, how El Chapo's IT guy may have cemented his downfall, renewed outrage over R. Kelly's alleged sex crimes, marketing in the age of Alexa and more.

Why the RCMP may not be a neutral player in the Wet'suwet'en anti-pipeline dispute

The RCMP has justified the arrest of 14 Indigenous anti-pipeline protesters as a simple matter of law enforcement, but criminologist Jeffrey Monaghan says the RCMP has an enduring bias against Indigenous social movements.

After 20 years of allegations, the campaign against R. Kelly may have reached a tipping point

Sexual assault allegations against R. Kelly, including statutory rape, have come in and out of the spotlight for two decades without harming his career. But #MuteRKelly founder Oronike Odeleye says this time will be different.

As Trump calls for a border wall to keep trouble out, illegal U.S. guns are fuelling violence in Mexico

Donald Trump says only a wall can save America from what's coming across its southern border. But Chelsea Parsons says the flow of U.S. firearms going the other way is inflaming the border conflict.

Guns, drugs and liposuction: What the FBI learned when it flipped El Chapo's IT guy

This week, jurors in the trial of Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzmán heard evidence from his former IT guy. Courthouse News reporter Amanda Ottaway says that could lead to legendary Mexican drug lord's downfall.
The New Sell

Future smart speakers won't just know what you want — they'll do your shopping for you

Powered by sophisticated artificial intelligence, the smart speakers of the future won't be the Amazon Echo and Google Home we know today. They'll be powerful prediction machines that do product research for you — and that means marketers will have to adapt their sales tactics.

Riffed from the Headlines: 1/12/2019

Riffed from the Headlines is our weekly quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag and a personalized note from our very own Brent Bambury.

Episode 423: Instagram influencers, The Last Days of August, healing crystals, a new U.S. Congress and more

Our new series on the new rules of marketing, Jon Ronson's The Last Days of August, the murky origins of healing crystals, music videos for a vicarious sunshine getaway, what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez means for young Puerto Ricans and more.
The New Sell

YouTube and Instagram influencers are transforming the digital marketplace

Part One of our series, The New Sell, looks at the growing power of YouTube and Instagram influencers over brands and consumers — and the sometimes shoddy ethics of it all.

Podcast chronicling porn star August Ames' suicide sheds light on mental health in adult film

Writer Jon Ronson's new podcast, The Last Days of August, explores the suicide of adult film star August Ames — born as Mercedes Grabowski — and how mental health is addressed among the industry's stars.

Healing crystals are sold as wellness products, but they can have shady origins

The healing crystal industry has exploded in recent years alongside the self-care movement — but journalist Emily Atkin says the crystals' origins are often less wholesome than their branding.

Need a winter getaway? Warm yourself vicariously with these sunny, destination music videos

Let music video editor Jordan Hayles and director Meron Gaudet take you on a virtual tour of their favourite sunny shoot locations.

How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made one D.C. law clerk finally feel represented in politics

As a U.S. State Department intern, Alexa Kissinger was encouraged to downplay her Puerto Rican roots in how she dressed and spoke. With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now in office, she feels ready to be herself.

Riffed from the Headlines: 1/5/2019

Riffed from the headlines is our weekly news quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag.

The Big Trip: How psychedelic drugs are changing lives and transforming psychiatry

Researchers believe psychedelic drug therapy could have the potential to treat everything from PTSD to cigarette addiction. Here are the stories of three people whose lives have been changed by the research.

Episode 422: Psychedelic drugs and the future of psychiatry

Researchers believe psychedelic drug therapy could help treat everything from PTSD to cigarette addiction. We explore hallucinogens’ transformation from party drugs to potentially revolutionary treatment tools.

Episode 421: Facebook's bad year, Impeach-o-Meter, Springsteen on Broadway, medical cannabis in the UFC & more

Facebook's disastrous 2018, the Impeach-o-Meter, the night before Kush-mas, the director of Springsteen on Broadway, why travelling with a wheelchair can be such a nightmare, the MMA fighter pushing for medical cannabis, the elements of a successful Christmas song and more.

Facebook's 2018: A year in facepalms

After a year of fake news, privacy breaches and data-sharing scandals, Wired's Louise Matsakis looks ahead to what next year might bring for Facebook and its users.

Trump's odds of staying in office: The Day 6 Impeach-O-Meter for December 21

It's been another eventful week for Trump — so it seems like a good time to fire up the Day 6 Impeach-O-Meter for the last reading of 2018.

'Twas the night before Kush-mas: An updated classic for a green Christmas

This will be the first Christmas Eve in a Canada where marijuana is legal. To mark the occasion, Day 6 contributor Aaron Hagey-MacKay has re-imagined a holiday classic for a green Christmas.

Bruce Springsteen's new Netflix special strips away his rock star mythology

'Springsteen on Broadway' was initially slated for an eight-week run, but by the time it was over, Bruce Springsteen had performed his one-man show 236 times to sold-out audiences. Now a film version is on Netflix.
Point of View

Will the Accessible Canada Act do anything to stop airlines from breaking wheelchairs?

Vancouver writer and wheelchair user Aimee Louw says she feels the effects of government policy every time she gets on a plane.

Canadian MMA fighter issues challenge to the sport's medical marijuana regulations

Canadian MMA fighter, Elias Theodorou, has chronic pain and uses medical cannabis to help manage it. He says the anti-doping rules that govern UFC fights mean he's at a competitive disadvantage.

Want to write a Christmas song? Here are the 5 key elements you'll need

So, you think you're the next Irving Berlin? If you want to write the a great Christmas hit for 2019, Toronto musician Chris Tsujiuchi has same tips for you.

Riffed from the Headlines: 12/22/2018

Riffed from the Headlines is our weekly quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag.