Episode 447

Trans Mountain's tank farm, Facebook's cryptocurrency, corporate Pride, gig economy matchmakers and more

Living on top of Trans Mountain's tank farm, Facebook proposes a global currency, corporations embrace Pride and not everyone is GLAAD, Love Island comes to Canada, online dating spawns a gig economy of matchmakers, a workplace comedy set in an abortion clinic and more.

Too close to home: Burnaby Mountain residents react to the Trans Mountain expansion approval

Residents fear the risks that may come with more oil tanks built below their mountain community — and some say they may leave if the expansion goes ahead.

Bank of Facebook: A financial analyst says the Libra is 'an absurd idea'

Facebook wants to launch a global digital currency called Libra, which would be backed by real assets. Financial analyst Matt Stoller says that would take the tech giant out of the realm of business and into the world of sovereign states.

Taylor Swift has a new gay anthem and Pride flags are everywhere. Is this progress?

This year's Pride month marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and amidst the sea of rainbow flags and corporate sponsors, some LGBT activists say the corporatization of Pride poses problems for the movement.

As fans flock to Love Island, a U.K. inquiry explores the toll reality TV takes on contestants

Love Island is a hit, but a cloud of scrutiny hangs over the gym-honed bodies and skimpy swimsuits. Three former reality TV show contestants have died by suicide in a little over a year and a UK House of Commons committee is investigating the toll the shows take on their contestants.

Don't want to manage your own online dating profile? Hire a gig economy worker

In the age of online dating, finding a romantic match can be tough — so tough, in fact, that some people are outsourcing it. Daily Beast reporter Emily Shugerman tells us how the rise of dating apps like Tinder and Bumble has spawned a gig economy for dating.

Meet the women behind a workplace comedy — about an abortion clinic

Ctrl Alt Delete is billed as a typical workplace comedy, but its abortion clinic setting is far from ordinary. The show's creators discuss how they find humour in one of the most politically divisive topics in North America.

Riffed from the Headlines: 06/22/2019

Riffed from the Headlines is our weekly quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag and a personalized note from our very own Brent Bambury.
Episode 446

Raptors dreams, a Zuckerberg deep fake, Bruce Cockburn on MMIWG, video game streaming, summer reads and more

Canadians' strangest dreams about the Raptors' epic NBA championship run, what a viral deepfake video of Mark Zuckerberg reveals about the data economy, Bruce Cockburn on the MMIWG inquiry's final report, the future of video game streaming, this year's top summer reads and more.

What a deepfake video of Mark Zuckerberg reveals about how we're manipulated online

This week, a deepfake video of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg went viral. Many viewed it as a strategic takedown of the company's fake news policies, but video co-creator Bill Posters says it was actually part of something much bigger.

I dream of Raptors: Fans reveal their vivid subconscious encounters with their favourite players

The Toronto Raptors historic championship run has invaded fans sleeping hours, leaving them with dreams of romantic encounters with Kawhi Leonard, dinner dates with Serge Ibaka and conversations with Danny Green over ice cream.

Bruce Cockburn says Canadians need to face up to their country's treatment of Indigenous people

Amidst the fallout from the MMIWG inquiry, Bruce Cockburn says genocide is a fair word to use to describe Canada's relationship with Indigenous people.

No console? No problem: Here's what you need to know about the race for video game streaming dominance

Video game journalist Rebekah Valentine explains what platforms like Google Stadia and Microsoft's Project xCloud will mean for consumers and the future of the industry.
Should I Read It?

The Day 6 must-read summer books list for 2019

From humour to historical fiction, Day 6 books columnist Becky Toyne has you covered with what to read at the beach.

Riffed from the Headlines: 06/15/2019

Riffed from the Headlines is our weekly quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag and a personalized note from our very own Brent Bambury.
Episode 445

Ryan McMahon on MMIWG, NBA lessons for the NHL, Daniel Dale, fixing DeLoreans, HBO's Chernobyl and more

Ryan McMahon on genocide, racism and the MMIWG report, what the NHL can learn from this year's NBA Finals, Daniel Dale on fact-checking Trump full time, why HBO's hit show Chernobyl resonates in a post-truth era, Canada's DeLorean repairman, why Kabul's air is more deadly than the war in Afghanistan and more.

New report, same old response: Ryan McMahon confronts Canada's reaction to the MMIWG inquiry

In 2017, Ryan McMahon wrote a series for Day 6 called 12 steps to decolonizing Canada. He ended it by asking Canadians to listen to Indigenous people. In the wake of the MMIWG inquiry's final report, McMahon says it's more clear than ever that's not happening.

We The North: Does the Raptors' NBA Finals push signal trouble for the NHL in Canada?

Sean Gordon, a hockey writer with the Athletic, says there are many things the NHL could learn from the NBA and the Raptors about creating excitement, mass appeal and attracting a younger, more diverse fan base.

Counting Trump's lies: Daniel Dale's relentless quest to fact-check the president

The Toronto Star's Daniel Dale has made quite a name for himself by tirelessly fact-checking U.S. President Donald Trump. Dale's database of Trump falsehoods topped 5,200 this week. Now, he's moving to CNN to be a full-time fact-checker.

What HBO's Chernobyl can teach us about the consequences of government lies

The series is preoccupied with the idea of truth and the cost of lies. TV and film writer Ani Bundel says it resonates strongly in a post-truth era.

Meet the man who runs Canada's only DeLorean repair shop

Justin Sookraj's childhood obsession with DeLoreans has evolved into a growing business fixing one of the weirdest, most iconic cars of the 1980s.

In Afghanistan, pollution-related illnesses are killing more people than the war

According to the State of Global Air, 26,000 Afghans died from causes related to pollution in 2017.

Riffed from the Headlines: 06/08/2019

Riffed from the Headlines is our weekly quiz where we choose three riffs linked by one story in the news. Guess the story that links the riffs and you could win a Day 6 tote bag and a personalized note from our very own Brent Bambury.
Episode 444

Raptors name game, Impeach-o-Meter, regulating tech companies, Black Mirror, song of the summer and more

How the Toronto Raptors got their name, the Impeach-o-Meter returns, legislators turn up the heat on big tech, what Black Mirror has to say about the future, the San Francisco Giants' original Ball Dudette, our music panel predicts the song of the summer and more.

Before they were the Raptors, Toronto's NBA team was nearly the Beavers, Hogs or Dragons

In 1994, the Toronto Raptors were an expansion team in a foreign land saddled with a Spielberg-inspired name and a cartoon dinosaur on the players chests. Today, the Raptors are Canada's team, the purple jerseys are throwback hip and the name is just a name.