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Why are eye creams more expensive than other moisturizers?

After being asked why eye creams were more expensive than other beauty products, we read between the fine lines for an answer that's one part ingredients and five parts marketing.

Producer Tracy Fuller reads between the fine lines of the anti-aging beauty industry

A makeup artist pats under-eye cream, which tends to be more expensive than other creams by volume, on a model. (Maggie MacPherson/CBC)

Listener Christina Silva called from Edmonton with a question about the multi-billion dollar anti-aging beauty industry.

"I recently decided it's time to start using eye cream and if it honestly blows my mind how little product you get for the cost compared to other basic things. Why are eye creams so expensive?" asked Silva.

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Cost of Living producer Tracy Fuller spoke with Dr. Monica Li, a Vancouver dermatologist and clinical instructor in the Department of Dermatology & Skin Science at the University of British Columbia.

She also talked with Martha Laham, marketing instructor at Diablo Valley College and author of Made Up: How the Beauty Industry Manipulates Consumers, Preys on Women's Insecurities, and Promotes Unattainable Beauty Standards.

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