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What a wealth tax could look like in Canada and what global regulators are looking at when it comes to Amazon

We talk wealth taxes, Amazon and antitrust, and the secret behind the popularity of Mason jars this week.

The Cost of Living for October 11, 2020

We're talking wealth taxes, what led to the Mason jar's relatively recent popularity, and the scrutiny Amazon is facing from regulators around the world. (Shutterstock, Maggie MacPherson/CBC, Shutterstock)

The federal Liberals say they want to address Canada's "extreme wealth inequality." Does that mean a wealth tax? And what could one look like?

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Plus just how did the Mason jar, of all things, become one of the world's trendiest containers? Head with us to the Badlands in central Alberta to find out.

And with Prime Day approaching, bargain hunters are getting their mice ready to click on Amazon.

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But antitrust regulators around the world are also watching the company. What are they looking for and how does it matter to the home shopper?

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