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Demand for industrial storage space spurs boom in warehouse real estate

If you've been ordering more stuff online throughout the pandemic then you've been contributing, perhaps unwittingly, to Canada's network of warehouses. Producer Anis Heydari visits a 7,200 m. sq. [78,000 sq. ft.] warehouse in Calgary to find out how this boom in warehousing might change our cityscapes.

Increased online shopping fuels demand for big box storage in Canada

Darryl Stanier, ‎President & CEO of ‎FMi Logistics Inc. in Calgary, says the company's main warehousing facility is 78,000 sq. ft. and houses 35 or 40 clients with differing volumes and types of product. (Anis Heydari/CBC)

Light industrial space has replaced downtown offices as prime commercial real estate in cities across Canada.

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A lot of the interest is driven by the spike in demand for warehouse storage — due to both online shopping and excessive inventory from business closures.

Producer Anis Heydari tries to imagine how these big, boxy structures are reshaping our cities.

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