Cost of Living·Episode 8

Shopping for candy and cell phones — and will you even be able to buy them at The Bay in ten years?

More Bay Days aren't likely to help HBC last another decade — so what will? Plus what's really in your fig newton. And just how far do you have to move to get a deal on your cell phone bill?

The Cost of Living also asks what evil lurks in the waspy heart of the Fig Newton?

What could it take for Canada's oldest firm, the Hudson's Bay Company, to survive the next decade? Plus what is your candy really made from, and why your cell phone bill might not drop unless you move across the country. (Tracy Fuller/CBC, Shutterstock)

Canada's oldest firm, the Hudson's Bay Company, has been around for nearly 350 years.
It's also the last name standing among Canadian department stores. 
What's it going to take for HBC to last another decade?
Bringing on more Bay Days probably won't help.

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Also, it's almost Halloween and that means candy.
But not all confections are as innocent as they seem.
What's actually inside that Fig Newton? (Hint, it's closer to trick than treat).

Finally, cell phone pricing is an eternal thorn in the sides of Canadians.
But not everyone is getting hosed.
We find out why some provinces are getting sweet deals while others pay.


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