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'Our biggest test in 30 years,' says Tiff Macklem on inflation fight

The Bank of Canada's Governor has raised interest rates at a rapid clip, trying to cool inflation. And it looks like it might be working — a little. But at what cost? Tiff Macklem joins Paul Haavarsrud to explain. Plus, we explore the growth of crowdsourced parcel shipping and not-so-extreme couponing.

The Cost of Living for October 9, 2022

"I'm not going to pretend that this is going to be painless," says Bank of Canada Governor, Tiff Macklem, about getting inflation under control. (Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press)
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Tiff Macklem's challenging, inflation-fighting not so great year

As the Governor of the Bank of Canada, Tiff Macklem is dedicated to cooling off inflation. He's raised interest rates at a faster clip than other G7 countries, and there are signs it may be starting to work.

But could the tactic also tip us into a recession? 

Paul Haavardsrud asks Tiff Macklem if there's still a chance to steer the Good Ship Economy in for a soft landing.

Why in Canada, extreme couponing isn't all that extreme

The days of clipping coupons may be over, but there are still deals to be had.

Okay, maybe not MEGA deals, but still.

In a story we originally aired in May 2022, Anis Heydari talks to a bargain-hunting superstar about ways to save and finds out why Canadians will never walk away with a cart full of stuff like they do on American TV.

As long as you're going that way, do you mind taking something for me?

Shelvie Fernan was tired of spending hundreds of dollars to ship packages between Edmonton and Manila. So she thought, "Why not take advantage of the extra luggage space allowed on flights?" 

Danielle Nerman talks to her about her growing company Fly and Fetch and explains how crowdsourced shipping is undercutting the big guys.

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