Cost of Living·Episode 6

How sugar dies in Canada — and umami thrives everywhere else

Food, glorious food: how lobbyists were involved in the death of a ban on junk food advertising to children, plus how meat alternatives are named and why you haven't heard of one of the world's most popular sauces

Lobbying the government over food, plus how meat alternatives are marketed

From junk food advertising to meat going "incogmeato" to Maggi Seasoning, the Cost of Living talks food this week. (Anis Heydari/CBC)

Billions of dollars hinge on the everyday government decisions that lobbyists want to influence, so The Cost of Living deconstructs just what happened to a bill that proposed a ban on advertising so-called "junk food" to kids.

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And while we aren't talking turkey for Thanksgiving, we'll keep up the food discussions with a look at meat.

Specifically, meat substitutes. Ever wonder just how they come up with the names for the new meat substitutes hitting the market?

Plus, we investigate why you probably haven't heard of one of the world's top-selling vegetarian sauces — one that can make almost anything taste like meat.


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