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Based in Calgary, Danielle Nerman covers business and economics for CBC Radio's The Cost of Living. Danielle's 20-year journalism career has taken her to meet China's first female surfer and on a journey deep into Mongolia's Gobi Desert in search of fossil thieves.

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Should applicants be paid for job interviews?

Applying for a job can be a job itself. At least one human resource expert is now saying employers should start paying people for their time.

Tip-flation has some restaurants asking for up to 30% in tips

The suggested tip at cafes and restaurants on point-of-sale terminals is on the rise, creeping as high as 30 per cent. But critics say the higher tip amounts could backfire on restaurants and may not always go to the servers bringing you food and beverage.

Why nobody gets a tax benefit when you donate at the checkout

We're often asked at the checkout counter to give money to charity, but who gets the tax receipt? According to industry experts, nobody does — and the whole system is a boon for charities, and for retailers' marketing efforts.

If you work from home Monday and Friday, there's a tawdry nickname for you

A trend is emerging among Canadian employees who split their time working between their home and downtown offices — and it's gained a crude moniker.

Why prepared rotisserie chickens are cheaper than ones you cook yourself

A professor of poultry, a food economist and a grocery store insider explain why a pre-cooked, rotisserie chicken from the supermarket deli is typically cheaper than buying a raw, whole bird from the meat cooler in the butcher's department.

Discover 'cheeseburger bird' and other audio delights on soundwalk through Weaselhead Flats

Calgarians can embark on a stroll through Weaselhead Flats on Sunday and be challenged to actively and intentionally listen to the world around them.
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Filipina mom grateful for extraordinary act of kindness in small-town Alberta

When Dixie Marie Judilla became pregnant while a temporary foreign worker at an Alberta Dairy Queen, she thought she'd have to leave her child half a world away — until some unexpected help arrived.
Filipino Bureau

Beyond Bruno Mars: Filipino-Calgarians record hip-hop, rap and heavy trap music

Meet some of the members of the local music collective Zero Future Club who are looking to bust stereotypes, even if their families don't fully embrace their musical dreams.
Filipino Bureau

Reunification and domestic violence in the Filipino community

A candid conversation about how the reunification of Filipino families in Canada is leading to domestic violence.
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Fancy footwork: Philippine folk dancing mimics movement of birds

Binhi ng Lahi brings rich history and culture of Filipino folk dancing to Calgary.