Danielle Nerman


Based in Calgary, Danielle Nerman covers business and economics for CBC Radio's The Cost of Living. Danielle's 20-year journalism career has taken her to meet China's first female surfer and on a journey deep into Mongolia's Gobi Desert in search of fossil thieves.

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How 'forced financing' makes some car dealerships more money

Some car dealerships in Canada are only selling some vehicles to customers who finance the purchase, and those who choose not to say they’re getting shown the door.

She buys all her groceries across the U.S. border — and finds big savings

With the average grocery bill rising despite slowing inflation, Canadian shoppers are doing whatever it takes to reduce food costs, including making a run for the U.S. border where grocery prices are lower.

This Beyoncé fan scored a cheap ticket — by waiting until the last minute to buy

Can you score cheaper and better concert seats if you wait until the last minute to buy them? According to one independent ticket broker, the answer is: sometimes.

Why McDonald's menu items are different prices, even in the same city

McDonald's may taste the same from Moncton to Medicine Hat, but menu prices are not always consistent — even at restaurants in the same city.

Drive-thru or order inside: What's the quickest way to get your fast food?

You're late for work, but you're starving. So you pull into a fast food restaurant — but there's a lineup of minivans in the drive-thru. Should you get in the queue or go inside?

Why the golden age of flying is never coming back — and it might not be a bad thing

Canadians sometimes wax nostalgic about when we got free meals and boozy drinks on flights, but stripping the luxuries from air travel means more people can now afford to fly.

Bugles have disappeared from Canadian stores, sending fans in search of a salty substitute

A cone-shaped corn snack from Japan could save homemade nuts and bolts recipes this holiday season now that Bugles have been discontinued in Canada. It's just the latest snack from U.S. manufacturers to disappear north of the border.

Got space in your luggage? Air travellers get paid to carry parcels

Instead of using air cargo, an Alberta company is "hacking international shipping" by hiring airline passengers to transport items in their checked baggage.

Should applicants be paid for job interviews?

Applying for a job can be a job itself. At least one human resource expert is now saying employers should start paying people for their time.

Tip-flation has some restaurants asking for up to 30% in tips

The suggested tip at cafes and restaurants on point-of-sale terminals is on the rise, creeping as high as 30 per cent. But critics say the higher tip amounts could backfire on restaurants and may not always go to the servers bringing you food and beverage.