Cost of Living·EPISODE 13

A cow worth $140,000, plus whether kombucha is bacteria worth billions … or just seaweed tea

Tackling interprovincial trade barriers, and we head to southern Alberta to study economics at Bovine University. And how and why is kombucha in North America so different from its namesake in Japan?

Beer, bovines and bacteria on the Cost of Living for November 30, 2019

A look at beer across borders, more than $100k worth of cow, and how kombucha grew into big business. (Colin Hall/CBC, Tracy Fuller/CBC, Anis Heydari/CBC)
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The federal government might be tackling interprovincial trade barriers as an economic priority — but why is that so hard to do and what exactly is the problem? HEAR Paul explore why with a craft brewer and policy analyst.

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Plus, this little cow went to market - for $140,000.
LISTEN and join us as we head to southern Alberta to study economics at Bovine University.

And LISTEN HERE to how and why is kombucha, as seen in North America, so different from its namesake — a seaweed tea in Japan?

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