Cost of Livingwith Paul Haavardsrud


What transporting ice cream across Canada tells us about vaccine logistics

The tricks to keeping potential COVID-19 vaccines as cold as ice could be as close as the ice cream aisle at your local supermarket — that is, if your ice cream aisle was at -70 C.

Sex workers and how they are adapting to the COVID-19 economy

It's not easy maintaining work that's highly physical during the pandemic. But like other small businesses, sex workers in Canada are learning to pivot as well.

Cold chain logistics, difficult decisions and the changing demands sex workers face from COVID-19

The similarities between transporting vaccines and transporting ice cream. Plus how to make difficult decisions about going home for the holidays during a pandemic, and how sex workers are adapting to the COVID economy.

Can Canadian retail survive if the second wave cancels Christmas shopping?

With lockdowns in parts of the country, and rising COVID-19 infections, bringing customers into stores and restaurants is difficult if not impossible. Could more restrictions — and soon — be a solution?

How that sweater was selected for you: why colours can get you to buy anything from a couch to a sweater

Trying to forecast the next popular colour is part art, part science, a dose of salesmanship, a dash of pop psychology — all mixed together in an attempt to influence consumer trends.

Second-hand surge: why buying used is trendy among young Canadians

Buy it again, for the first time! Why some of the biggest brands we buy, from IKEA to Levi's, are now looking to cash in on the second-hand market.

Shopping in the time of COVID-19: business fears, the second-hand trend and how colours influence what we buy

What potential lockdowns mean for already struggling retailers and restaurants, plus how big businesses are moving into the second-hand market. And how colour forecasting paints the world you live and shop in.

Too few Black sign language interpreters is an economic and human rights problem

Sign language interpreters are now fixtures during COVID briefings. And beyond the pandemic, demand for diverse interpreters - specifically - is jumping. But the supply is not always there.

Indigenous economics and reconciliation: is the Clearwater deal a model for the future?

The size and scale of a joint venture between B.C. based Premium Brands and a coalition of Mi’kmaw First Nations could point to a shift in how more business is starting to get done in Canada.

Why the COVID-19 vaccine news shot some stocks upward — and others in the opposite direction

What does the stock market know that the rest of us don't? We explore why financial indexes might see better days ahead.

Blockbuster deals and whether they are a model for Indigenous economic reconciliation

How significant is the Mi'kmaq deal for Clearwater Seafoods? Plus we look at the challenges Deaf Canadians who need diverse ASL interpreters face. And just what have the markets been responding to lately?

The right to repair the stuff you buy and why some companies prefer don't-it-yourself to DIY

The idea of fixing the stuff you own may seem like a given for certain items: a car, for example. But as digital technologies replace analog, it's getting harder to repair anything from your family sedan to your dishwasher.

What a Biden win could mean for Canada's green economic recovery

What does a Biden administration in the United States mean for Canada's post-pandemic recovery when it comes to green initiatives and climate change? With battered economies and millions of lost jobs, more environmentally friendly policies could play a role in rebuilding.

Has the fat lady sung for movie theatres? Plus the U.S. election, Canada and a green recovery

What could the U.S. election results mean for a green economic recovery on both sides of the border. Plus should you have the right to repair the stuff you buy? We also look at how movie theatres are trying to survive the pandemic.

Banking barriers: How the Canadian financial sector excludes Black entrepreneurs, stifling innovation

Cultural and physical barriers get in the way of Black business owners trying to access banking services in Canada. They share their stories of poor customer service, racial discrimination and unconscious bias at the bank.

If China can operate under one big time zone, why not Canada?

We're "falling back" again... which inevitably brings back the debate over whether it's time to get rid of daylight saving. But what if we took this question one step further and eliminated time zones altogether? It's not that crazy of an idea. China is the third largest country in the world and it only has one time zone! We'll hear from a Uighur Canadian about what it was like growing up in the western-most part of China, where the sun rises at 9:00 a.m.

How the COVID economy is changing advertising

Now that the first wave of "disaster ads" have come and gone, how are companies advertising in the COVID economy? We'll hear from two Canadian actors who appeared in a recent Subaru ad together. It turns out, they're a couple in real life too — so they didn't have to socially distance for the shoot!

Second-wave advertising, the business of time zones and banking while Black

This week, the Cost of Living talks with actors and an ad executive about the future of advertising. We also take a closer look at time zones and how they help or hurt business. Finally, we hear from Black entrepreneurs about the challenges of accessing financing in Canada's banking system.

Holding patterns for the commercial aviation industry and air travel in Canada

With WestJet slashing flights and Air Canada parking rural routes this Christmas,  the future of Canada's commercial aviation industry is up in the air.

Economic adulting: decoding credit scores

Credit is baked into the fabric of Canadians' finances - so we dive into the world of credit reports to explain how to maintain a good credit score.

Buying nothing, the 'paradox of thrift' and Canada's economy

This spring Canadians had no choice but to spend less money because everything non-essential was closed, and some are continuing that pattern voluntarily now. How much of an impact does choosing to spend less have on a recovering economy?

Grounded flights, soaring credit scores and getting on board with thrifting

This week, the Cost of Living looks at the future of Canada's airline industry, how your credit score is calculated and why the 'buy nothing' trend is still gaining momentum post-pandemic and what that might mean for the recovering Canadian economy.

What the U.S. election could mean for Canada's economy — plus digital currencies in Canada

What would a Biden vs. a second Trump administration mean for the economy north of the border? We also explain why the Bank of Canada might be investigating digital and cryptocurrencies. And we launch our ongoing series looking at Canadians living through the pandemic economy — "Contact Tracing."

Wealth taxes: what they could look like and how the gap between rich and poor has changed

In the recent Throne Speech, the federal government said it wants to address Canada's "extreme wealth inequality." If that means a wealth tax, what would that mean and are there any unintended consequences?

How Mason jars went from Grandma's pantry to the world's most ubiquitous hipster receptacle

How did the Mason jar, of all things, become one of the world's trendiest containers? Head to the Badlands in central Alberta to solve a mystery ten years in the making.