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Infomercials could hold the secret to how Wish sells cat blindfolds and blackhead vacuums

Online advertisements — such as those from Wish — use a lot of the same methods as late night TV infomercials.

Sunflower mazes, goat yoga and beekeeping: why farmers are getting more creative to attract visitors

It's harvest season, and across Canada, orchards and farms are opening their gates to visitors, giving city folks a taste of the country while also increasing revenue

The shrug felt around the world after the drone attacks on Saudi oil

When news broke of the drone attacks in Saudi Arabia, on the world's largest oil processing facility, the Canadian energy industry joined the global economy in holding its collective breath… followed by a bit of a shrug.
Episode 3

What's the deal with the muted reaction to the Saudi oil attack? And how Wish sells a vacuum… for your face

What's behind how the world reacted to recent attacks on Saudi oil facilities and what does it mean for Canada? And — a look at how #cornmaze and social media are driving new business to family farms. Plus why would anyone buy a pillowcase that looks like Jeff Goldblum's head? Millions of dollars in sales could be driven by some very familiar sales tactics.

How fast is your cost of living going up? Play our interactive game

The Cost of Living wants you to learn about your costs of living, by trying its interactive game that tests your knowledge about inflation rates. It's more fun than it sounds.

How a way to quit smoking morphed into a teen vaping epidemic

Vaping can seem like it's everywhere today, having morphed from being presented as a healthier way to help smokers quit to being a potential public health crisis. It's an industry now worth billions but, to some, has seemingly come out of nowhere.

The federal election means a five-week spending flurry across the country

Just how much money flows out the door during a federal election? The Cost of Living visited a federal candidate's campaign headquarters the day before the election was called.

From Brexit to Bernier: Why the old-fashioned billboard is still going strong

Canadians can expect to see more billboard advertising in the 2019 federal election cycle — whether it asks to "send Trudeau a message" or to "stop mass migration" — and it could be because billboards are one form of advertisement that can't be blocked or easily ignored.
Episode 2

Billboards and bus benches, election money — and why there is no Dana, only Juul

Vaping seems like its everywhere - but how did it go from healthy alternative to smoking to facing regulatory crackdowns? Plus, a quick look at how the election campaign is also economic activity and why billboards are not only still around in the digital age but are growing their piece of the advertising pie.

Trump, China and the trade war that could send the global economy into the ditch

The Cost of Living looks at how uncertainty elsewhere in the world is affecting Canada and businesses close to home.

TIFF's so money! Why Toronto slays at predicting box-office hits

The Cost of Living dives into the world of box-office receipts to see if TIFF's top award can predict a film's box-office success and out-earn the winners of other festivals.
Episode 1

Low-simmering anxiety in Canadian business and TIFF's surprising superpower

In our premiere edition we ask - how worried should we really be about the Canadian economy? And the Cost of Living takes a look at just what makes the Toronto International Film Festival such a harbinger of cash.

How Cost of Living, CBC Radio's new show, is making money make sense

Produced out of Calgary, CBC Radio's new national show and podcast is deciphering the "economics of everyday life."

CBC Calgary to examine The Cost of Living

CBC Calgary is creating a new national radio program about business and economics that will air on Saturday mornings at 11:30 MT/12:00 NT. The Cost of Living will be hosted by Paul Haavardsrud and will launch on Sept. 7, 2019.