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The profit of love: how swiping right still brings in cash despite COVID

Looking for love during the pandemic? Get ready for live video dates. If you think physical distancing restrictions are stalling the dating business, you are underestimating the power of online love.

The uncertain future of retail in Canada after a pandemic

Retailers of all kinds are struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic. Is the great retail apocalypse finally here? Not so fast, says one expert who is drawing lessons from New Orleans as it rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina.

Is a basic income too good — or too expensive — to be true in Canada?

As the earliest adopters of Canada's Emergency Relief Benefit brace for the four-month program to come to an end, there's a debate around whether Canada should evolve the temporary program into something more permanent.

The future of retail, CERB and dating: how pandemic changes might offer slim silver linings

What is the future of retail in the wake of COVID-19? Also, we follow one Canadian who has been collecting the Canada Emergency Relief Benefit — could CERB could transform into a universal basic income? And we prove the power of online love, with a look at how online dating continues to profit despite social distancing rules.

Canadian restaurants struggle to survive despite gradual re-openings

Independent restaurants were already facing tight margins when COVID-19 hit, and chefs and owners say it's possible up to half of them won't survive as past this summer.

Gen Z and millennial Canadians are really digging gardening right now

Mary, Mary, quite contrary: how does your garden (centre) grow? Gardening has grown in popularity so much that one seed company had to temporarily halt online sales to deal with the backlog of orders. So why are many younger Canadians suddenly interested in growing their own food?

Graduates in 2020 see internships, jobs disappear amid COVID-19 downturn

Class of 2020 graduates have a grim outlook as they head into Canada's workforce during a pandemic and an economic downturn. What lies in store for young graduates who are seeing jobs and internships disappear day after day?

The struggles of newly-minted graduates and of independent restaurants in the face of the pandemic

What is it like for college and university graduates graduating into a recession, along with a a visit to garden centre to talk about booming (and blooming) sales. And what will it take for restaurants to survive the COVID-19 pandemic?

Battle over claims heats up between small businesses and insurance providers

A war is brewing between small businesses and insurance companies over billions of dollars worth of denied claims for what's called "business interruption insurance."

Working from home? Here's what you can and cannot write-off for tax purposes

If you've spent money on a new desk, upped your internet speed and maybe bought a new computer, you'd better keep those receipts. The Canada Revenue Agency says not all work-from-home expenses are tax deductible. So what can and can't you claim on your next tax return?

COVID-19 is causing a "she-cession"

The economic downturn caused by COVID-19 is having a pronounced effect on women. Hear from service sector workers who have been laid off and a labour economist about the challenges still ahead for recovery.

The 'she'-cession, business interruption insurance and tax tips for Canadians now working from home

We look at how the recession caused by COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting women. And do coronavirus closures qualify for business interruption insurance? Insurers aren't so sure.

Re-opening economies, and the apps we might use to help

With some provinces announcing economic restart plans. Also, we look at COVID-19 weddings: how people are saying "I do!" in new and socially distanced ways. Finally, what you need to know about the contact-tracing apps that may be coming to Canada.

What's at risk and what's to gain by reopening Canada's economy in a pandemic

While Canadians continue to grapple with the coronavirus crisis, some provinces believe they've flattened the curve of new COVID-19 cases enough to consider reopening their economies.

Marriage licences and registrations plummet across Canada during COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus could be impacting the wedding industry, as the number of marriage licences and registrations from the first three weeks of April 2020 appears to be down more than 50 per cent, compared to the same month last year. 

What was behind oil's wild week, and the challenges that lie ahead

After a week unlike any before for energy, expert Helima Croft weighs in on what it will take to get to the other side of the "unprecedented" crisis in oil markets.

How Canadians can interpret COVID-19's volatile effect on the stock market

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent stock markets on a roller-coaster ride since March. Host Paul Haavardsrud asks: how should we interpret the latest round of gains?

Listings drop but prices hold in Canada's COVID-19 real estate market

Listings have dropped dramatically but real estate prices across Canada are, for the most part, holding up during the COVID-19 pandemic. But how stable is our real estate market, and what could happen if it starts to crater?

What negative oil prices mean for Canada

If negative oil prices caught you by surprise this week, you're not alone. What do those prices mean for Canada?

The economy with a capital 'E'

On episode 33, the Cost of Living explores how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting three distinct but essential aspects of the Canadian economy: the markets, energy and real estate.

'Cozy' video games cash in on the new captive economy of the coronavirus

What's behind the sudden surge of interest in what the industry calls "cozy" games — like Nintendo's Animal Crossing — and how could it affect gaming choices once the health crisis is over?

Fed up? Major food shortages unlikely as COVID-19 slows down Canada's supply chains

Empty shelves continue to be a problem at grocery stores across the country, but does sporadic scarcity mean national food shortages are around the corner? 

What makes a "good" bailout not just money poured down the drain?

The federal government is expected to announce bailouts for large industries such as airlines, tourism and oil and gas any time now. We take a look at what makes a good bailout, not just billions down the drain. 

Bailouts, video games and whether we're going to run out of food

The Cost of Living looks at what makes a "good" bailout, why cozy games are all the rage right now and whether you should worry about food shortages in Canada.

Recession or depression? Canada's economy is in for a rough spring

One million Canadians lost their jobs in just one week in March, and that's not the worst of what Canada's economy will face this spring. But what do we call a downturn that's way worse than your average recession?