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How is your life or livelihood affected by Canada's close ties with the U.S.?

Joe Biden is in the midst of his first visit to Canada as U.S. president. Calling for closer Canada-U.S. ties, Biden said "our destinies are intertwined and they're inseparable." We're interested in hearing if you're impacted by the relationship between the two countries.

When it comes to public safety, has anything changed where you live?

The headlines this year have seen stories of high profile public assaults and claims from politicians that crime is on the rise.

You can now text Cross Country Checkup

You can now text Cross Country Checkup, Canada's weekly town hall — a place for raw, honest perspectives on the most pressing issues of the week. 
Sunday on Checkup

How accessible are mental health services in Canada?

Canada's new health-care deal has earmarked billions more for mental health services. And while Ottawa has boosted its spending in that area, some advocates say Canada risks falling behind unless a better approach is espoused. What's working and what needs to change?
Sunday on Checkup

Is Canada's approach to China working?

Parliament is roiling over allegations of foreign interference in two elections, and accusations of cover up calls for a public inquiry are swirling. Is Canada’s approach to China working? How does the election interference controversy affect you?
Sunday on Checkup

Are migrants crossing at the U.S. border being treated fairly?

As the number of migrants crossing into Quebec continues to climb, Premier François Legault wants Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to broker a new migration deal with the U.S. — something the U.S. is reportedly in no rush to do. How can Canada's refugee system improve?
Sunday on Checkup

When do intimate affairs among co-workers cross the line?

John Tory has officially resigned after admitting to an affair with a former city staffer. When did an office relationship affect your life at work?

After years of waiting, this woman says Canada's delay to expand MAID is 'beyond hurtful'

Agata Gawron says she felt empowered when she thought she could access MAID this year. Now, she says the proposed delay is “beyond hurtful” news to her because it means at least one more year of suffering.
Sunday on Checkup

Are private clinics the solution to Canada's health-care crisis?

The federal government has announced it’s prepared to give $196 billion over 10 years to the provinces for health care — including $46.2 billion in new spending. In response, the head of the Council of the Federation that represents the premiers, says they were "disappointed" by the size of the proposal.
Sunday on Checkup

How do you feel about MAID including those who suffer solely from mental illness?

This week the federal government tabled a bill to delay the expansion of the medical assistance in dying (MAID) law until 2024. The expansion would allow Canadians who suffer solely from mental illness to be eligible. What's at stake for you?
Sunday on Checkup

What should be done to fix air travel in Canada?

Canada's minister of transport says the country's airline passenger bill of rights will be reworked this spring because of traveller complaints surrounding things such as flight cancellations, stranded passengers and lost luggage. What's your travel story?
Sunday on Checkup

Are you rethinking how much alcohol you drink?

It’s Dry January and there’s a new set of health guidelines. The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction says no amount of alcohol is safe and any more than two drinks a week is risky. Should the government start regulating alcohol like cigarettes?
Sunday on Checkup

What impact is the inflation squeeze having on your life?

Have fond holiday memories given way to January bills? Credit cards, high costs for groceries and fuel — with interest rates and housing also continuing to inch up. Analysts say a recession is looming. Last month, a food price report predicted a typical family grocery bill will top $16,000 in 2023.
Sunday on Checkup

What question do you have about the new COVID-19 subvariant?

A new COVID-19 subvariant has now been confirmed in multiple provinces in Canada. The Omicron offshoot is also rising rapidly south of the border, and scientists say it could soon be a dominant strain in the U.S. and other countries.
Sunday on Checkup

What was the most important news story of 2022?

From the war in Ukraine, to unprecedented protests in Ottawa, and record-breaking inflation — 2022 was an eventful year. As we enter the new year, we're looking back once more at the stories that hit home for Canadians.
Sunday on Checkup

What holiday traditions are you looking forward to the most this year?

We're into the home stretch ahead of the holiday season, and many Canadians are preparing to carry out their annual traditions or start new ones. What's a new custom you've adopted, or a tired tradition you want to get rid of?

Cancel Christmas? Inflation has some Canadians changing how they celebrate

This holiday season will mark the first time in Davis Gallagher’s life he won’t be spending Christmas with family, aside from the lockdown, and he’s blaming Canada’s current economic climate.
Sunday on Checkup

How is the flu season affecting you and your family?

An early and severe flu season is starting to hit Canadian kids and Canadian hospitals. It's led to sickness, and in some cases death, among children. Are you or your kids getting the flu shot?
Sunday on Checkup

How are you dealing with high prices in the lead-up to gift-giving season?

The rising cost of what sometimes seems to be everything has been one of the top stories this year. And the most expensive time of the year is now here. How have you gotten through the holidays in tough times previously, and what solutions have you come up with this year?

'Dirty debt secret' guides couple out of the red, others struggle to stay afloat

As Canada's debt-to-disposable income ratio rises, it can bond or break relationships, experts suggest. Statistics Canada says the average Canadian household had about $1.82 in credit market debt for every dollar of disposable income in the second quarter of 2022.
Sunday on Checkup

What does it mean to you to see Canada at the World Cup?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is well underway, with Canada’s men’s team making its first appearance in the tournament since 1986. The host country Qatar continues to face global scrutiny for its criminalization of homosexuality and treatment of migrant workers.
Sunday on Checkup

What impact is the surge in hospitals having on your life?

A swell of COVID-19, flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) has Canada's hospital system overloaded with patients, specifically young people. What should be done about it?

This farmer says he reluctantly throws away enough cauliflower to feed a province

An estimated 13 per cent of fruits and vegetables grown in Canada go unharvested or are discarded, according to a federal government report. Many farmers say they can't afford to harvest, box and transport wasted produce to food-insecure Canadians for free.
Sunday on Checkup

What impact is debt having on your life?

Inflation and Interest rate hikes are making digital wallets a lot lighter, with personal and business bankruptcies way up.
Sunday on Checkup

Is Canada ready to accept over 1 million new immigrants in the next 3 years?

Canada intends to significantly boost immigration over the next three years to secure its economic prosperity as industries stare down a large labour shortage. The plan also calls for more immigrants to be accepted based on their works skills.