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What is your winter comfort food?

The holidays are a time for sharing treats and traditions with family and friends. Share your favourite winter foods from your part of the country. With guest host Piya Chattopadhyay.
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The holidays are a time for sharing treats and traditions with family and friends. Share your favourite winter foods from your part of the country. 

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Winter in Canada is legendary. It's in our DNA. From the time indigenous people first crossed the land bridge, to the time the first Europeans arrived on our shores...the legends started building. In Quebec, there is an unofficial anthem known by all, that goes: Mon pays c'est ne pas un pays, c'est l'hiver, which translates to "My country's not a country's winter."

CBC Radio host, Piya Chattopadhyay (Ruby Buiza/CBC)

A Canadian winter is (usually) cold and white. This year — so far at least — almost everywhere that description seems to be getting a run for its money. When it does get cold and snowy outside, indoors is a different story— it's where we fight back, often with a bit of romance. It can be warm with a fireplace or stove, and dark, lit by lamps or candles. It can be aromatic, filled with the smells of slow-cooked meals — foods cooked to raise the spirit and beat back the cold. Some braver souls — in an act of defiance — take the fight outside, and with fire and food they laugh in the face of winter.

This time of year, when the nights are longest, is loaded with traditions: family traditions, regional traditions, ethnic and cultural traditions.  

It's a time of year when for most of us,  friends and families get together and share food.

Our question: "What are your favourite winter comfort foods -- from your part of the country, or from your family's own traditions?"


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