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What do you hope your vote will achieve?

Monday, Sept. 20 is election day in Canada, and the race is so close that the results could come down to a small percentage of ballots. What do you want to accomplish with your vote?

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Leaders of the major political parties are making last-ditch efforts in the final hours of this federal election campaign to appeal to voters.

What do you hope your vote will achieve? What message do you want to send? That will be the discussion on Cross Country Checkup on Sunday.

Canadians head to the polls on Monday to vote in the federal election, with the Liberals and Conservatives locked in a neck-and-neck race to the finish line, according to CBC's Poll Tracker.

With hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots to count, it's possible the results won't be announced until after election day.

Housing affordability, the cost of living, pandemic recovery measures and climate change have emerged as key issues in this campaign. In a special election eve broadcast, Checkup host Ian Hanomansing will take your calls live on CBC Radio One and CBC News Network.

Ken Boessenkool, a former political strategist who was an adviser to Stephen Harper when he was prime minister, told Checkup that the Conservatives and Liberals could tie for number of seats in a minority Parliament, with the Bloc Québécois deciding who forms the government. 

"I think it would be the end of [Liberal Leader] Justin Trudeau, to be honest. And it would give [Conservative Leader Erin] O'Toole another shot at running things," Boessenkool said.

Jaskaran Sandhu, who advised NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh during his 2017 party leadership campaign, said the possibility of a tie in the popular vote could mean the decision will come down to regional differences in voting.

"This is going to be one of those elections where it's not decided before B.C. starts counting [ballots]," he said.

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