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What book will you recommend for our annual list of summer reading?

It's time to kick back and relax with a cold drink and a hot book, and we want your help in compiling a list of great summer reads!
Summer is just around the corner. What books should we check out this season? (CBC)

Here we are, slap in middle of the big Canada Day long weekend on a lazy summer Sunday afternoon. It's the perfect time to settle down with a favourite book. Perhaps you like to indulge in your summer reading while lounging in a hammock in the backyard, or for the last little while — in some parts of the country at least — on a porch out of the rain.

Today, we're collecting your book recommendations as we compile our list of summer reading, and we would love to know what book has grabbed your attention lately.

The only rules is that you have to be enthusiastic about the book and it has to be available — either in print or electronic form.

We'd like to hear about your discoveries, whether fiction, non-fiction, classic, modern, poetry or even a reference book. 

Maybe there's a book you feel hasn't received the acclaim and attention it deserves. Or perhaps, you've been reaching back into the classics and re-discovered a volume you read years ago, and found it ripe with new meaning.

How do you decide what book to read next? Do you ever draw inspiration from best-seller lists? Or, do you get your book suggestions from a trusted friend or book club?

Our question today: What book will you recommend for our annual list of summer reading?


Erin Balser

Senior producer for CBC Books 

Twitter: @booksin140

Kirstie McLellan Day 

Best-selling author and co-writer of many books including 99: Stories of the Game with Wayne Gretzky and Corner with Ron MacLean

Twitter: @kmclellanday

Imogen Coe

Professor of Biology and Dean of the Faculty of Science at Ryerson University 

Twitter: @RySciDean

Nadine Dajani

Author of two novels, Fashionably Late and Cutting Loose

Anne Lagacé Dowson

Award-winning broadcaster based in Montreal and a former guest host of Cross Country Checkup

Twitter: : @alagacedowson

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