Trump-Trudeau Trade rift: Do shaky relations shake you?

Donald Trump's ongoing Twitter tirades have put a strain on Canada-U.S. relations already reeling from new steel tariffs and waffling NAFTA negotiations.
President Donald Trump talks with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a G7 Summit welcome ceremony, Friday, June 8, 2018, in Charlevoix, Que. (Evan Vucci/Associated Press)
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Trump-Trudeau trade rift

Ouch. It's been a nasty week for relations with our southern neighbours.

After the U.S. president slapped big tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum imports, suggesting Canada amounts to a national security threat, are we now on the verge of an all-out trade war with the United States?

So far Canadian politicians are united in backing the government's decision to impose retaliatory tariffs. How do you think Justin Trudeau is doing on this file? 

This week's barrage of insults also has Canadians taking matters into their own hands by refusing to buy American products. 

What do you make of #BuyCanadian? Are you thinking twice before cross-border shopping or that next trip to Florida? 

Our question: do shaky U.S.-Canada trade relations shake you?

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