Cross Country Checkup

How much do we value Canada's national parks?

With guest host Susan McReynolds.
A shot of the spectacular Torngat Mountains National Park. (Submitted by Mark MacPherson)

Sunday on Cross Country Checkup: Canada's natural treasures. 

Admission to Canada's national parks and historic sites is free to the public this year, as part of Canada's 150th anniversary celebrations. Have you visited any? What was your experience? How important are our national parks to you?

Last year close to 25-million people visited a national park. This year, even more people will pass through the park gates: from Terra Nova Park on the east, to Pacific Rim Park on the west, to Sirmilik Park in the north.

But how much do we value Canada's national parks?

Do we love them, not enough or too much?

From avoiding burned out workers to ensuring washrooms have enough toilet paper, documents show how Parks Canada painstakingly prepared for a record number of visitors this year. Are you one of them? Tell us about your adventures and your concerns about our national parks.

Our question this week: How much do we value Canada's national parks?


Karla Bailey
Bailey and her husband Matthew and their videographer, Justin Brunelle are on a 150-day trip across the country, visiting almost every province and territory. 

George Mercer
National Park Warden for more than three decades on the East and West coasts of Canada.  He has written three novels about challenges he sees facing Canada's national parks.

Natan Obed
President of Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, which represents Canada's Inuit people. 

James McBeath
One of the first people to check out the autism-friendly cabin at Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland.

Alison Ronson
National director of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society's parks program.