Cross Country Checkup

How do you feel about marijuana legalization?

When cannabis becomes legal across the country next week, a new reality will hit every corner of your life — at school, on campus, at work, in your backyard and on the road.

Like it or not, smoking pot for leisure will no longer be a crime

Recreational marijuana will become legal in Canada on October 17 — 95 years after it was prohibited. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
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Cannabis is coming

For the past 95 years in Canada marijuana was a controlled drug and if you got caught smoking a joint or possessing weed, there was a distinct possibility you'd wind up in the slammer.

But, times have changed. In just three days, anyone of age in this country can get legally stoned.

It's a huge policy shift that impacts everything from public health to the country's economy. The prime minister says it's about keeping profits out the hands of organized crime — and keeping pot out the hands of youth.

With Canada about to become only the second country in the world to legalize marijuana, we want to know if Canadians are ready and what you think.

On the eve of legalization, questions abound. Is 100 milligrams of THC a little, or a lot? How about international travel? What risks do young people face when they consume cannabis?

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