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Bringing back Stuart McLean's Arthur Awards: who would you nominate and why?

It has been more than a year since Stuart McLean died. In his honour, Checkup resurrects his beloved Arthur Awards where people across the country nominate someone unsung in their community who deserves to be recognized.

The Vinyl Cafe host called for people to nominate someone in their community who deserves to be recognized

It's been one year since Stuart McLean's death. In honour of him, Checkup is bringing back his Arthur Awards. Who would you nominate and why? (Scott Blackburn/CBC)

Bringing back the late Stuart McLean's Arthur Awards

It's been just over a year since Stuart McLean died. Like so many of you, we here at Cross Country Checkup miss turning on the radio to hear his stories about "the world's smallest" record store, The Vinyl Cafe, and the lives of Dave, Morley and their family.

We especially miss Stuart's annual Arthur Awards. Named after Dave's dog Arthur, who loved soft ice cream and stealing socks, the Arthur Awards were accolades for unsung heroes, designed to honour the everyday things ordinary people do, both small and large things. 

The idea behind the Arthurs was to put the spotlight on school secretaries and home bakers, track down the stranger who handed in a wallet wadded with cash or the volunteer at the Humane Society who took time to build a wheelchair for an injured bunny.

Stuart's stories reflected his belief in people's capacity to be good, and their desire to do good. He looked for that goodness in everyday things. As you heard him say, he believed in the importance of unimportance. We do too. 

So like we did last year, we're honouring his legacy by resurrecting the Arthurs to make sure everyone across the country gets a chance to celebrate things that come from a place of love, things that too often don't get the recognition they deserve.

Our question today: Who would you nominate for Stuart McLean's Arthur Awards? 


Jess Milton, longtime producer of The Vinyl Cafe and a friend of Stuart McLean's

Ambrah MacNeil from Halifax. She nominated her neighbour who bought her hockey gear for an Arthur Award. 

Andy Blau, Arthur Award winner who was a volunteer at the Toronto humane society who built a wheelchair for an injured bunny. He is also a professional magician. 

Matthew Clarke, Vice-Principal who nominated his administrative assistant at G.R. Saunders Elementary School in Stellarton, Nova Scotia for an Arthur Award. 

Dušan Milacic, Arthur award winner who forwarded Stuart's mail faithfully when it kept being wrongly delivered to his address instead of Stuart's

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