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Continuing Stuart McLean's tradition: here are some ordinary people worthy of recognition

Stuart McLean's Arthur Awards happened every year. This week, Checkup tapped into an important tradition from McLean's Vinyl Cafe and asked listeners to send in their nominations. Here are a few of them.

The Oscars of the ordinary: Stuart McLean's Arthur Awards bring 'unsung heroes' into the spotlight

Checkup producer Anna-Liza Kozma talks about what Stuart McLean's Arthur Awards mean to her.

Former gas line engineer, arrested for protest, speaks out against Kinder Morgan pipeline

Jack Bryceland says he is speaking out against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project because he is concerned about the possibility of a tanker spill.

'Risk can be mitigated': Environmental scientist explains why he supports the Trans Mountain pipeline

Jim Thomson, an environmental scientist from Edmonton, says he supports the Trans Mountain pipeline, but believes much work still needs to be done before it gets built.

'Hockey is the fabric of our country': former Humboldt Broncos player shaken by bus crash

As a former junior hockey player with the Humboldt Broncos, Jeff Wiest says the fatal bus accident in Saskatchewan hits close to home.

'Lives in our hands': Bus drivers reflect on their responsibilities after Humboldt Broncos crash

The deadly Humboldt Broncos accident has left bus drivers across the country thinking about the impact of their jobs

It's the government's job to protect Canadians' privacy online, says advertising exec

Michael Roy, works at a Vancouver-based creative agency. He opened up about the give and take of advertising and told Checkup guest host Susan McReynolds about the role he believes governments should play in protecting people’s privacy.

Modern political campaigns are fuelled by voters' social media profiles, says former strategist

Former political strategist Rick Anderson says the internet can be used to manipulate results in elections. But with the introduction of newer technologies, he says he was given more opportunities to learn about potential voters’ interests.

Sam Roberts, Ruth B and more on how music is changing in a borderless digital world

From music veterans like Loreena McKennitt to newcomers like Ruth B, artists shared their viewpoints on how the internet has changed the music industry, and whether they’ve embraced these changes — or simply endured them.

Meet the PhD student who makes science accessible through social media

Samantha Yammine is a science communicator. The University of Toronto PhD student has been sharing her knowledge of science to the public through selfies, videos and anecdotes about her daily work as a researcher.

'Over 250,000 people through the door': Staff at Ottawa Museum say interest in science hasn't declined

Christine Tessier, the director general at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, has seen a spike in attendance at work, despite studies that say Canadians are losing interest in science.

Enclosed habitats can be good for animals: Polar bear expert

Dylan McCart, a conservation coordinator, says polar bear habitats provide a necessary space for scientists to research the endangered animals in a way they simply wouldn’t able to do in the wild.

'The Invisibles': Meet the animal photographer who captures living conditions in zoos

Jo-Anne McArthur, an award-winning photojournalist, shares what she has witnessed while photographing zoos across the world.

Revisiting My Big Fat Diet: How a Métis doctor lost weight with a traditional Indigenous diet

Dr. Jay Wortman, a Métis doctor based in Vancouver, adopted a traditional low carb Indigenous diet after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. The results were extremely positive, and he's since encouraged others to do the same.

Moved by montages and props for Hungary: Checkup callers reflect on Pyeongchang 2018

As the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang came to a close, guest host Suhana Meharchand asked Canadians for the best and worst moments from this year’s games.

​'We were the butt of luge jokes': Former Olympian relishes Canada's luge success in Pyeongchang

Mary Jane Bowie calls Cross Country Checkup and shares her story of being an Olympic luger in 1976.

'We have to be wary': Checkup callers cautiously optimistic about Indigenous rights reforms

Canadians shared their thoughts on Trudeau government’s successes — and missteps — with the Indigenous file.

Trudeau's vow on Indigenous rights is 'long time coming,' says royal commission co-chair

The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples called for sweeping changes to Indigenous rights more than 20 years ago, but many recommendations fell by the wayside. Commission co-chair Georges Erasmus hopes Trudeau's recent vow will be a step forward.

'Stop using the racial card': Checkup callers react to Stanley verdict

Emotions ran high as Canadians shared their thoughts on Friday’s not guilty verdict.

'We're a mini United Nations': How newcomer students at this Winnipeg school are finding their voices

Several Winnipeg high schools have adopted The Peaceful Village program that aims to integrate newcomers into Canadian society, as well as empower students to celebrate their own culture.

Students should be taught resilience, but educators struggle with the best way forward

Callers and audience members during Checkup's live show at Glenlawn Collegiate in Winnipeg worried students aren't prepared for a rapidly changing job market. But figuring out how best to prepare them isn't as easy said as done.

The secret to excellence: Why this Indigenous Royal Winnipeg Ballet student is keeping his options open

Cameron Fraser-Monroe, 19, is in his final year at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet school, and he's been offered two university scholarships in mechanical engineering. The Indigenous teen explains what it takes to have it all.

Mincemeat pies are stuffed with such potent symbolism they were once outlawed

Checkup producer Anna-Liza Kozma shares her recipe for mincemeat pie, a favourite holiday dish.

Why you should lie to your kids about Santa — and other messy Christmas traditions

In her personal essay, Checkup producer Anna-Liza Kozma explores the messy traditions of the Christmas season. This is a updated version of an earlier essay written in 2009.

Parental panic over smartphones

"Few of us are immune from the seduction of our phones. And yet when we see how hooked our kids are, we go ballistic." Checkup producer Anna-Liza Kozma explores the parental and moral panic over smartphones.