Are you watching the Quebec election?

Quebec: The province is embroiled in its most contentious election in years.While debating serious issues from sovereignty to corruption, the secular charter to the economy ...the personal mudslinging has been heavy.Are you watching ...and what interests you?...

Quebec: The province is embroiled in its most contentious election in years.
While debating serious issues from sovereignty to corruption, the secular charter to the economy ...the personal mudslinging has been heavy.

Are you watching ...and what interests you?


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The Quebec election campaign is almost over ... and it has been a surprising one. Polls now suggest a dramatic change since the campaign started four weeks ago ...but many experts are reluctant to make firm predictions about what is going to happen tomorrow when Quebecers vote. That's for two reasons: one is because looking to polls to predict election outcomes has proven to be unreliable. And as we saw in the last federal election, and provincial elections in Alberta and British Columbia, voters are volatile, unpredictable and capable of delivering big surprises.

The Quebec campaign has been characterized by an odd combination of debating important issues along with bitter personal attacks by the leaders on each other. Sovereignty, the secular charter, the economy, and government corruption are all big issues that featured prominently in both leaders' debates. But the trench fighting was more focused on trying to undermine the motivations and credibility of each other.

Premier Pauline Marois (mar-WAH) after 18 months of leading a minority government, chose to call an election because her Parti Quebecois believed she was well positioned to gain a majority. Their proposed secular charter crafted over months had been an attempt to unite Quebecers around sentiments of Quebec nationalism combined with a militant secularism that would appeal across party lines. It didn't quite work out that way because the issue of when to hold a referendum on sovereignty, long PQ policy, and never far from that province's politics, raised its head to divide the group of Quebecers they had hoped to win.

From outside the province it has been a fascinating campaign to watch ...and from inside the province the turnaround caught many by surprise.

We'd like to know what you think?

Have you been watching? What caught your attention? What are the key points that ought to be singled out?

Our question today: "Have you been watching the Quebec election campaign?"

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