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Are boomers to blame for millennials' misery?

Millennials may love pumpkin spice lattes, but they'll never own a home. Meanwhile the generation that had it all tell them they should sacrifice their avocado toast and just save harder.

Home ownership and a pension is a pipe dream for some millennials

What baby boomers took for granted is out of reach for millennials, some say. (Fizkes/Shutterstock)

Some might say it's an easy stereotype: the angst-ridden millennial living in their parents' basement, working for a series of start-ups and drinking their own weight in americanos.

Then there's the baby boomers, who some say enjoyed every advantage from the fun of the swinging '60s through to their defined pension luxury and status as accidental property millionaires.

It's a lot more complicated than that, but there's no doubt millennials are struggling. Home ownership in major cities — where there's work — is a pipe dream. A pensionable job for life is a fiction.

But as boomers live longer in good health, some are keen to hang on in the workforce. As far as they are concerned, this time is still their time — and while 30-somethings continue to live like students, those boomers sure have a lot of house.

Our question this week: Are boomers to blame for millennials' misery?


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