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Are we all still in this pandemic together? How do we restore public trust?

Governments in Ontario and Quebec have implemented stricter lockdown measures in an effort to slow a rising tide of COVID-19 cases. But residents in both provinces are expressing concerns and their frustration.
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Callers share their memories of the late Prince Philip

Michael Jackson, president of the Institute for the Study of the Crown in Canada at Massey College in Toronto, discusses the death of Prince Philip, and Checkup callers share their memories.

Why pandemic fatigue makes it harder to follow restrictions right now

After more than a year of lockdowns and shifting restrictions across the country, experts say pandemic fatigue is setting in — and that could affect our willingness to stick to the rules.
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Who or what is to blame for Canada's third wave of COVID-19?

COVID-19 case counts and ICU admissions are soaring in some parts of the country. Cross Country Checkup wants to know what you're feeling about where this pandemic is at, and how you're coping.
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Where are variants spreading, and should I still disinfect surfaces? Your COVID-19 questions answered

As part of Checkup’s regular Ask Me Anything series, Dr. Zain Chagla, an infectious diseases physician, and Dr. Srinivas Murthy, a pediatric critical care and infectious diseases specialist, answered callers’ questions about COVID-19.

'Not a cookie-cutter solution': Why remote work doesn't work for everyone

Many workers are enjoying the flexibility to work in pyjamas. But for those who crave the social aspect of working next to colleagues — or the routine that a 9-to-5 office job offers — the switch to working from home has impacted both their mental and physical health, says Laurent Lapierre.
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After the pandemic, will you work from home or is it back to the office?

Working from home means many interactions happen through video calls and instant messages, instead of in-person meetings, hallway chats and retirement parties. What does the future of work look like for you?
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Mixing vaccine doses and getting the shot while pregnant: Your COVID-19 vaccine questions answered

With variants fuelling a third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic — and vaccinations rolling out across the country — many Canadians still have questions about the safety and efficacy of coronavirus vaccines.

N.L. offers 'cautionary' tale if federal election is held during pandemic

If the Newfoundland and Labrador provincial election is any indication, holding a federal election during the COVID-19 pandemic could prove tricky, according to political scientist Kelly Blidook of Memorial University in St. John's.
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If an election were held today, who would you vote for?

What would swing your vote on election day? Is it carbon taxes, the economy, budget worries or the vaccine rollout? 
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Your questions about the 3rd wave of COVID-19 and vaccines answered

In some parts of Canada the third wave of COVID-19 is underway, and the number of cases caused by variants is also on the rise. Callers to Checkup had concerns about vaccinations and what they should do at this moment in time.

Critics of Rogers-Shaw merger say government must mandate affordable internet in remote areas

News of a proposed $26 billion Rogers-Shaw merger this week, a move that would combine two telecom giants has Canadians casting a critical eye on the prices they pay for TV, cell and internet services — and nowhere is that felt more acutely than in Northern Canada.
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Are you satisfied with the price and speed of your internet and cell phone service? 

Rogers Communications has announced its plan to buy Shaw Communications for $26 billion — the biggest deal for Canada's telecommunications industry in two decades.
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Pandemic-stressed slumber, shift work and lucid dreams: Sleep questions answered

As part of Cross Country Checkup’s regular Ask Me Anything series, sleep expert Dr. Charles Samuels answered callers’ questions on sleep and insomnia during the pandemic, in addition to more general queries related to slumber.

Restaurant, bar owners have mixed feelings about vaccine passports

Vaccine passports — physical or digital documentation offering proof of immunization against COVID-19 — have been touted as a way to reopen the economy. A restaurant and a bar owner say that while they support the idea in principle, any approach must be equitable.
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What's your take on vaccine passports?

Vaccine passports offer proof of vaccination that could be required for activities like travel, going to concerts and even getting into the office. That might mean no shot, no entry.
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Will the COVID-19 vaccine be annual? Can I visit a vaccinated parent? Your questions answered

Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout is ramping up, but questions around the process linger. Health Canada's Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Supriya Sharma answered callers' questions as part of Cross Country Checkup's Ask Me Anything.

Barbados is severing ties with the Queen. Should Canada follow suit?

Julie Payette's resignation as governor general has renewed questions about Canada's connection to the British monarchy. While Barbados has announced their plans to sever ties, experts warn it may be more difficult for Canada to do the same.
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What's the future of the monarchy in Canada?

The number of Canadians who want to drop the monarchy hit a 12-year high this week. Meanwhile, the controversies just keep coming.
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Treat access to technology like junk food and set limits, says child psychiatrist

As part of Cross Country Checkup's regular Ask Me Anything series, Dr. Shimi Kang took questions from callers about the effect of technology on children's mental health and offered practical tips to reduce their screen time.

Countries involved in Beijing Olympics risk being used by Chinese government, says Uighur activist

Critics of the Chinese government's treatment of ethnic minority groups, including Uighurs, are calling for a boycott of the Games, but Olympic officials and athletes say a boycott isn't the right way forward.
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Should Canada boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing?

266 MPs voted in favour of a motion to call China's persecution of Uighurs a genocide — and to boycott Beijing's 2022 Winter Olympics.

Collectively, we're grieving far more than COVID-19 deaths, say experts

While the rising death and illnesses associated with COVID-19 can weigh heavily on people, Canadians are also experiencing collective grief over the loss of daily routines, personal connections and expectations of safety.

Accountability calendars and empathy exchanges: How 2 Canadians are coping with COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of many Canadians. Two Cross Country Checkup callers share the ways that they've been able to lessen the pandemic's burden.
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How are you coping during the pandemic?

While many Canadians struggled with mental health long before COVID-19, the pandemic has dealt a blow to many more.