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Workers are feeling burnt out. Experts say employers need to listen — and act

Amid the most contagious wave of COVID-19 to date, and as Canadians approach two full years of living with pandemic restrictions and health precautions, many say they are hitting a wall when it comes to their mental, physical and emotional well-being.
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Are you suffering from pandemic burnout at work?

As the Omicron variant surge continues, industries across Canada — hospitals, schools, airlines and more — are facing staffing shortages.

Research on HEPA filters and COVID is slim, but some experts are optimistic

Several provincial and territorial governments will be reopening schools on Monday for the first time since before the December holidays. The delay was, in part, to better protect teachers and students against the Omicron wave with better masks — and in Ontario, to deliver thousands of air cleaners with HEPA filters to classrooms.
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Should children return to the classroom during an Omicron surge?

As cases of COVID-19 cases rise because of the Omicron variant, provinces are coming up with different decisions on whether children should be back in school or not.

From the U.S. Capitol riot to COP26, CBC correspondents on 2021's biggest international news stories

CBC foreign correspondents Chris Brown, Susan Ormiston and Salimah Shivji joined Cross Country Checkup host Ian Hanomansing to reflect on some of the year’s biggest stories from beyond Canada’s borders.
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What was the most important international news in 2021?

It's our annual reporters' notebook. The CBC's Chris Brown, Susan Ormiston and Salimah Shivji reflect on the top international news stories of the year. Which story was overshadowed by the pandemic?
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Who are you missing most over the holidays? What song do you want to dedicate to them?

We're playing your song requests and sharing your shout outs in a special edition of Cross Country Checkup. What song and message do you want to share with your loved ones?
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Feeling COVID-19 fatigue? Tips on improving your mental health during another pandemic holiday

Dr. Jackie Kinley answered questions from callers about pandemic fatigue and mental health as we head into a challenging holiday season due to the COVID-19 Omicron variant.



'We need to deal with it': Dr. Peter Jüni clarifies comments on Omicron restrictions

Dr. Peter Jüni, scientific advisor for the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table, faced online ire after saying people need to "stop moaning" over tightened restrictions on bars and restaurants Thursday on CBC's Power and Politics. Speaking with Cross Country Checkup host Ian Hanomansing on Sunday, Jüni said Canadians must do what's needed to fight COVID-19 and added that support for workers and small businesses is essential.

No, vaccine boosters won't stop an Omicron surge. They can buy us time, experts say

Despite efforts to increase uptake in many parts of Canada, vaccine boosters won’t stop a fifth wave of COVID-19 — but they will buy time for provinces not yet facing an Omicron variant-fuelled surge, experts told Cross Country Checkup.
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Are you prepared for an Omicron surge?

Projections for COVID-19 case counts are pointing straight up in Ontario and Quebec thanks to the Omicron variant. What are you doing differently as we enter another wave of the pandemic?
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From omicron to boosters, your questions about rising COVID-19 cases answered

Dr. Isaac Bogoch, infectious diseases specialist at Toronto General Hospital, answers questions from Cross Country Checkup callers about the omicron variant, vaccine boosters and gathering over the holidays.

Critics say Beijing Olympics boycott should go further — but Olympians want athletes left out of it

The Canadian government announced Wednesday that it would join the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia and not send government officials to Olympic events in China in February. Experts and activists say more still needs to be done, but Olympians say athletes should be left out of boycotts.
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How do you feel about Canada's diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Olympic Games?

Canada won't be sending government diplomats to the Winter Olympics in February. Neither will the United States, United Kingdom or Australia. What do you think of the move?
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Sick of scam phone calls? Where they come from — and why you might soon get fewer

Phone scams are becoming increasingly complex. But this week, the CRTC announced they will require telecom companies to use technology that flags spam calls. Consumer protection expert Daniel Tsai answers your questions.

Planning a trip over the holidays? Expect airport delays, sudden travel restrictions, experts say

As concerns around the omicron variant grow, infectious diseases expert Dr. Gerald Evans says that now is the time for Canadians to reconsider upcoming plans — particularly if they include international travel.
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Is it time to rethink your family holiday plans?

More cases of the COVID-19 omicron variant are showing up in Canada. Meanwhile, the federal government and the U.S. have implemented certain travel restrictions to reduce the spread.

Stephanie Nolen was reporting on variants in South Africa — then Europe's travel ban sidelined her return

On Friday, Stephanie Nolen, global health reporter for the New York Times, was flying to Amsterdam from South Africa as the European Union blocked flights from several African countries. She and her fellow passengers spent hours stuck at Schiphol Airport awaiting COVID-19 test results.

Epidemiologist answers your questions about the latest coronavirus variant omicron

Dr. Prabhat Jha, professor of global health at the University of Toronto and an epidemiologist at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto, took calls from Cross Country Checkup listeners.

Cyber Monday deals may be fuelling carbon emissions: experts

The way that people currently shop online — by opting for same- or next-day delivery, for example — is doing more harm than good, experts say.
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Is Black Friday a blessing or a curse?

Are you taking part in the sales? Maybe you're getting a head start on holiday gift shopping. We want to hear how your shopping habits have changed this year.

Ask Me Anything: COVID-19 vaccines for kids have arrived in Canada. Your questions answered

Dr. Fatima Kakkar, infectious diseases pediatrician and pediatrics professor at University of Montreal, answered Cross Country Checkup callers' questions about the vaccine's safety, and when and how children should get it.

Extreme weather events can affect mental health, even from afar

The effect of witnessing events like the flooding in B.C. can have a profound effect on those even if they aren’t directly affected, according to experts.
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How is the B.C. flooding disaster affecting you?

Devastating floods in British Columbia have forced thousands to evacuate their homes — and the province to declare a third state of emergency this year. Are you prepared for the next extreme weather event?

Ask Me Anything: What's behind rising food prices in Canada

According to Statistics Canada, food prices are up 2.7 per cent since last year. Sylvain Charlebois, senior director at the Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University, answers Cross Country Checkup callers' questions about rising costs and what's behind them.