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What impact is Fiona having on you?

Fiona has smashed into Atlantic Canada, washing away homes and knocking out power from intense, hurricane-strength winds and torrential rains.

Canada's tipping culture is flawed and there's no clear fix in sight: experts

The “tip nudge” has quickly become a “well-established societal norm” in Canada, according to food economists. And many consumers say the country's tipping culture should be scrapped altogether in place of employers raising prices and paying their employees more.
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What's your tipping story?

Canadians are being asked to increase their tips when paying with debit and credit cards, according to industry analysts. From oil changes to take-out food, where do you stand on the issue of tipping?
Sunday on Checkup

What did Queen Elizabeth II mean to you?

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning British monarch, has died. She had 22 royal tours of Canada, more than any other Commonwealth country.

How 'suspended grief' during the pandemic can turn into a second wave of sorrow for some

Shawna Katz lost her partner during the pandemic and has been leaning on her "grief sister" for support. As COVID-19 restrictions lift and allow people to reconnect in-person, one psychologist says those who endured tragedy alone during COVID-19 may now be dealing with "suspended grief."

This B.C. couple found a doctor by placing a newspaper ad. Others hope to copy their success

As Canada's doctor shortage grows, people are getting creative in their search for primary care. The Vancouver Island woman whose newspaper ad seeking a doctor inspired a copycat in Vancouver has found a family physician for her husband. But there are still millions without access to primary care.
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Who should lead the Conservative Party of Canada?

The Conservative Party of Canada will decide its next leader in a matter of days. The decision will affect that party's fortunes in the next election, but also potentially politics as a whole in this country for years to come.
Sunday on Checkup

What have you enjoyed most about this summer?

The pandemic is not over, but it might have felt like it for a lot of Canadians this summer as restrictions were lifted on gathering limits, masking, and proof of vaccination in most provinces this spring. 
Sunday on Checkup

How is the job market going for you?

The labour shortage in Canada has been well-documented. It's historic – and across many sectors.
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Is Canada's health-care system in crisis?

Emergency rooms are temporarily closing due to a lack of staff, and there's a chronic lack of family doctors.
Sunday on Checkup

How has rising inflation changed your future plans?

Millions of Canadians are struggling this summer, as the price of just about everything is rising. Is higher inflation forcing you to change your future plans?

With the cost of living rising, people share 'inflation hacks' to combat higher costs

As the cost of living continues to rise, Canadians are looking for creative ways to try and save money. Here’s a sampling of the ‘inflation hacks’ we could glean from financial experts and everyday folks.

'Everyone seems to think it will stop by itself': Hockey parents frustrated by sport's toxic culture

As Hockey Canada grapples with public fallout over how its organization settled sexual assault claims in the past, some Canadians are questioning how anyone could trust hockey's national governing body and calling for action and change at all levels of the sport.
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What needs to change in Canada's hockey culture?

Hockey Canada is under intense scrutiny over its handling of sexual assault allegations — and the outrage is rocking the sport to its foundation.
Sunday on Checkup

What does the Pope's visit mean to you?

Pope Francis is coming to Canada as part of a six-day trip to advance reconciliation and healing between the Roman Catholic Church and Indigenous communities.
Sunday on Checkup

How hard is it to find a family doctor?

The country's chronic shortage of family doctors has left millions of Canadians without primary care.
Sunday on Checkup

How has your life been upended by the Rogers outage?

From phone and Internet connection issues to interruptions with debit card and emergency services, the Rogers outage kept millions of Canadians in the dark on Friday. 
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What's Canada's most underrated vacation spot?

It's official — the great Canadian road trip season has begun! It's time to pack your bags, wrap some sandwiches, load your phone with jams from your favourite Canadian artists, and head out on to the Trans-Canada Highway.
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CBC's Duncan McCue on new podcast Kuper Island, residential schools

Duncan McCue, host of Kuper Island, answers questions about residential schools and the new podcast with Cross Country Checkup host Ian Hanomansing.
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What's happening inside emergency rooms across Canada right now?

Staff calling in sick, shortages of doctors and nurses, patients with more severe illnesses and a backlog of surgeries due to the COVID-19 pandemic are all driving factors for the delays.

Electric vehicle repairs down the road could be costly and difficult to find, says mechanic

With electric vehicles becoming increasingly popular — especially as gas prices soar — industry experts say future repairs could be costly and harder to access unless automakers provide service information to independent mechanics. 
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How are you beating the high cost of living?

Inflation hit a 31-year high in April and prices of key goods are still rising. What are you doing to beat it?
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Dr. Zain Chagla answers your questions about monkeypox

As cases of monkeypox rise globally, Dr. Zain Chagla, an infectious diseases physician at St. Joseph's Healthcare in Hamilton, answers questions from Cross Country Checkup callers about the outbreak.

Canadian cities are legalizing alcohol in parks. Some are celebrating, others worry it's a slippery slope

Calls to loosen rules around drinking alcohol in public spaces have increased in recent years, spurred in part by the COVID-19 pandemic making it necessary to gather outdoors.
Sunday on Checkup

Should it be legal to drink in public parks?

Cities in some parts of Canada have launched pilot programs that will allow people to legally drink in public parks. But critics of the idea argue such an approach will lead to irresponsible, and potentially unsafe, behaviour. What do you think?