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How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed you?

For better or worse, many of us would say our outlook on life is different now than it was just a few months ago. Join guest host Adrienne Arsenault to talk about how life has changed for you this year.

Looking for a new summer read? Notable Canadians share their top book picks

With many Canadians enjoying a summer long weekend, Cross Country Checkup asked notable Canadian podcasters, writers — and readers — to share their top book picks for the beach or a backyard staycation.

Ask Me Anything: Your questions about the WE Charity controversy

Power and Politics host Vassy Kapelos answers Canadians' questions about the WE Charity controversy, with Cross Country Checkup guest host Shelagh Rogers.

Shelagh Rogers on the perfect summer read

With many Canadians enjoying staycations this summer thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, a good read for the beach or backyard is essential. Rogers says the ideal candidate is anything that "takes you away from where you are."
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What's your favourite summer read?

Whether it's on the beach, balcony, park bench or front porch, we want to know what books you can't put down this summer.

Cross Country Checkup's summer guest host lineup

With Duncan McCue taking a well-deserved summer break from Checkup, here's a list of our guest hosts for the program over the next few weeks.

Parents' anxiety over back-to-school plans could hit students hard, says psychologist

Professor Kristina Lewellyn says that some young people may have absorbed their parents’ or caregivers’ professional, personal or financial anxiety during the pandemic — and that could mean more anxious kids heading back to school in the fall.

Ask Me Anything: Comedians Alonzo Bodden & Ali Hassan

Comedians Ali Hassan and Alonzo Bodden take your calls about comedy during a pandemic.
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Are classrooms safe during a pandemic?

In Alberta and Nova Scotia, all students will return to classrooms this fall with increased health and safety precautions — and that has some asking if it's too soon.
Ask Me Anything

Dining out, school buses and testing levels: Your COVID-19 questions answered by experts

With more of the economy opening, especially bars and restaurants after they were shuttered in March thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Gerald Evans and epidemologist Raywat Deonandan answer Checkup listeners' questions.

As bars reopen, some are trying to return to their pre-COVID-19 lives, says psychologist

Bars and restaurants across the country have reopened their doors after the COVID-19 pandemic shuttered them back in March. But even with physical distancing measures and mandatory mask laws in certain regions, some question whether it's safe to reopen the establishments.
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Is it too soon to reopen bars and restaurants?

Governments across the country, including in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec, have given the go ahead for restaurants to reopen their doors and patios. That has some wondering whether a return to eating out will end up a happy hour — or a hangover?

Airborne transmission, back-to-school and more: Experts answer your COVID-19 questions

Checkup callers responded en masse last week for our Ask Me Anything segment about COVID-19 masks and face coverings. Dr. Susy Hota and Dr. Srinivas Murthy have reconvened the pandemic Ask Me Anything to take your questions.

Mixed reception to feds' COVID-19 response among Canadians as pandemic marches on

Nathan Hynes says revenue at his Toronto pub has been “decimated” to about 20 per cent of normal levels — and the federal government’s attempts to support businesses have fallen far short of his expectations.

What grade do you give the Trudeau government on COVID-19?

The federal Liberals enjoyed a surge in the polls for their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the deficit is set to hit $343 billion as a result of their support measures. Guest host Rosemary Barton takes your calls, questions and comments.

COVID-19 and masks: Infectious disease experts answer your questions

Infectious disease experts Dr. Susy Hota and Colin Furness took mask-related questions from the Checkup audience and guest host David Common.

Tokyo Olympics delay throws athletes' plans into disarray, says Canada's chef de mission

Postponing the Tokyo Olympics by a full year has thrown a huge wrench in the lives of Canada’s elite athletes in ways that transcend their sports careers, according to a former Olympic champion.
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What do you miss most about your favourite sport?

For months, the COVID-19 pandemic put professional sports and the Olympics on hold. But as the world begins to reopen, it's starting to look like it's game on. What are you looking forward to as the games begin?

Canadian youths share their encounters with racism — and what they're doing to fight it

This week on Checkup, Duncan McCue and special co-host Arjun Ram spoke to young Canadians across the country about racism they've encountered, and how they're fighting back against prejudice. Here are some of their stories.

Ahead of Checkup hiatus, Duncan McCue reflects on learning Anishinaabemowin

As part of an "exit interview" of sorts, Arjun Ram spoke to Duncan McCue about the Checkup host's plans to study the Anishinaabemowin language for the Massey College William Southam Journalism Fellowship.

How do we get better at ending racism for kids in Canada?

Arjun Ram of CBC Kids News joins Duncan McCue to talk to kids, parents, educators and others to discuss how we can better fight racism that faces young people across Canada.

Schools should be teaching more about systemic racism, says CBC Kids News's Arjun Ram

Arjun Ram is encouraged that anti-racism protests in Canada and around the world are sparking renewed discussions about systemic racism. But the discussions are far from over, and he argues that it should be given a greater spotlight in schools.

How architecture in long-term care homes can help prevent infection and improve quality of life

Dr. Diana Anderson says there is "a moral imperative" to ensure seniors' residences, including long-term care homes, are designed properly to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19.

How can we fix long-term care in Canada?

Months into the COVID-19 pandemic, questions remain about what must be done to improve living conditions for seniors across the country. Join Duncan McCue on Checkup this Sunday to discuss what must be done to fix the long-term care home system in Canada.

Canada's long-term care home system 'designed to produce mediocrity,' says health policy expert

The Canadian military’s report of dismal conditions and treatment in long-term care homes is tragic and shocking — but not surprising, according to health policy expert Tamara Daly.