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Indigenous communities hope to cash in on cannabis, but how they'll do it is unclear

Despite legalization, issues such as revenue sharing and a lack of funding for community safety are roadblocks for Indigenous-led cannabis businesses.

'We can mitigate the consequences': How parents are grappling with legal pot

With just days until cannabis is legalized in Canada, some parents are struggling with how to talk about it with their kids. Meanwhile, others see it as an opportunity for open dialogue.

How do you feel about marijuana legalization?

When cannabis becomes legal across the country next week, a new reality will hit every corner of your life — at school, on campus, at work, in your backyard and on the road.

This 14-year-old doesn't have a cell phone and, no, he doesn't want one

Samuel Waite would sooner spend time in the great outdoors than on Facebook. And while he has plenty of face-to-face conversations with his friends, he worries those that are stuck behind screens are 'missing out on something.'

Confessions of a smartphone junkie — or, what I learned from my digital detox

Checkup host Duncan McCue worried that he was spending too much time on his smartphone. This summer, he tried a digital detox — a two week break from the device.

What does a digital detox mean for you?

Mobile apps, online shopping, social media, streaming services — can you imagine yourself living a life unplugged?

26 years after her husband's murder, Vancouver woman helps prisoners live 'redeemable' lives

Marion Haythorne now volunteers at a woman's prison because she believes in rehabilitation.

'Not a get-out-of-jail-free pass': Indigenous healing lodges defended in wake of McClintic transfer

In the wake of outrage over the relocation of convicted murderer Terri-Lynne McClintic to a healing lodge, the head of a women's healing lodge in Edmonton is defending both the safety and effectiveness of Canada's nine Indigenous healing lodges.

What should be the role of Canada's modern correctional system — to punish or to rehabilitate?

The killer of Tori Stafford has moved from a prison to a healing lodge, and now her family is outraged. This week on Checkup, join host Duncan McCue to discuss what role Canada should play when it comes to its correctional system.

From tornadoes to ice storms: Canadians share how they survived extreme weather

The tornadoes in Ottawa-Gatineau are hitting close to home for some Canadians who have survived extreme weather events.

How are you impacted by unexpected weather?

Two tornadoes ripped through Ottawa-Gatineau area on Friday, leaving thousands without power, and levelling many houses on its path. Are you prepared for any weather-related emergencies?

Does Canada still need the notwithstanding clause? Two insiders involved in the negotiations weigh in

As Ontario Premier Doug Ford invokes the notwithstanding clause to cut the number of seats in Toronto city council, two key players during the formation of the Constitution weigh in.

Who should have the final say on human rights in Canada?

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has invoked the notwithstanding clause, in the name of preserving democracy. Does it bother you? Or, are you simply indifferent? Join host Duncan McCue this Sunday on Cross Country Checkup.

Why some Indigenous people have mixed feelings about Canada's proposed stat holiday

As Ottawa prepares to resume talks about a proposed statutory holiday to remember the history of residential schools, not everyone is pleased with the idea.

Statutory holiday 'a necessary step for reconciliation,' says Senator Murray Sinclair

The former TRC chair says it is important for every Canadian to spend at least one day a year reflecting on how to improve relationships with Indigenous peoples.

Should Canada's next statutory holiday focus on remembering residential schools?

A new statutory holiday may be coming, one that aims to remember residential school survivors. Conversations around the potential holiday will resume in Ottawa this fall. What would this mean for you? Is it going to heal the wounds? Or, will it just be another day-off for you?

From model-train exports to medicine: what's on the line for Canadians ahead of NAFTA talks

On Sunday, Cross Country Checkup guest host David Common spoke to some Canadians who are worried their jobs, businesses and health may be on the line if Canada agrees to terms made by the U.S. on NAFTA.

What grade are you giving Justin Trudeau on the NAFTA file?

Win, lose or draw, it's a NAFTA showdown of historic proportions. One that could hit pocketbooks and radically reshape Canada's economic, political and cultural landscape. What effect is this having on you?

Check out these 5 moments in pop culture that represent the diversity of Canadians

The blockbuster film Crazy Rich Asians has renewed the conversation around diversity in film and television. Sunday on Checkup, we asked Canadians about the first time they felt represented — and why it matters.

Randy Boyagoda on Crazy Rich Asians and the first time he identified with a film character

As Checkup prepares for its discussion on representation in Hollywood, we spoke to Checkup guest host Randy Boyagoda about the characters he saw onscreen, and who he first identified with.

What was the first movie or TV show that you identified with?

Crazy Rich Asians is being lauded as groundbreaking for its all-Asian cast. Yet, as media becomes more diverse, some wonder if we're doing enough to ditch stereotypes.

Ontario woman seeks home for 66-year-old Mary Pratt painting

The painting, dating back to 1952, is a watercolour of Anne Wheatley Hicks' favourite doll. Pratt, then 17, was a babysitter in Fredericton.

Family fractures: What will you do with unwanted family heirlooms?

From 12 fine china place settings to grandfather clocks, does the younger generation have space for beloved family antiques?

Saudi-Canada spat: Is Twitter the right medium to conduct foreign relations?

David Mulroney, former Canadian ambassador to China, says he wouldn't have taken the risk of speaking out so publicly about human rights issues in Saudi Arabia on Twitter.

Canadian Muslim woman 'deeply offended' by Saudi government's treatment of women

A Muslim woman writes that she wants Canadians to know that the Saudi government is not representative of the Muslim faith.