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What do you hope your vote will achieve?

Monday, Sept. 20 is election day, and the race is so close that the results could come down to a small percentage of ballots. What do you want to accomplish with your vote?

Protests at Trudeau rallies an evolution of far-right ideology, says expert

Evan Balgord, executive director of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, believes those showing up to protest against government COVID-19 restrictions, and what they see as Trudeau's role in them, are individuals steeped in far-right ideology or those who are sympathetic to it. 
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Which party leader has won or lost your vote?

There's just over a week until election day. Canadians will head to the polls on Monday, Sept. 20. What is factoring into your vote?
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CBC's Rosemary Barton answers your questions about the upcoming federal election

As schools reopen and people return to regular work schedules, questions about the campaign and candidates are gearing up. Rosemary Barton joined guest host David Common to answer callers' questions about the 44th general election.

Catching COVID-19 in class and vaccine passports: Students' back-to-school questions answered

As students gear up to return to in-person learning this week, questions about the safety of schools are emerging in the midst of the delta-driven fourth wave. Pediatric infectious diseases expert Dr. Fatima Kakkar weighs in.
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What worries you most about back to school?

As students across the country gear up to head back to class, parents are left with plenty of questions this school year.

Housing affordability should be a 'priority' this election, says advocate

On Sunday, renter Michael Chapman spoke with Cross Country Checkup host Ian Hanomansing about his experience searching for housing in B.C.'s Souther Gulf Islands, and what he believes governments must do to address housing affordability.

Measures to make housing more affordable wouldn't be popular with voters: economist

Federal party leaders are pitching their plans to address housing affordability, but according to one economics expert, the key solution is one that could lower existing home values.
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How affordable is your housing situation right now? 

Affordable housing headlined the federal campaign trail this week. Multiple offers were made by the country's major political parties, but are Canadian buying in?
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Poor communication among forces causing chaos in Afghanistan, says retired major-general

Efforts to bring Afghan citizens to Canada as the Taliban takes hold of their country must be sped up, according to David Fraser who served in Afghanistan and led coalition forces as part of Operation Medusa in 2006.
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Are vaccine mandates a voting issue for you?

Mandatory vaccination has emerged as a top issue during week one on the federal election campaign trail. Will it affect your vote?

Federal election outcome could be unpredictable amid 4th wave, say strategists

While a snap election may work in the Liberal Party's favour, the fourth wave of COVID-19 could prove to be a wild card when Canadians head to the polls next month, according to political strategists.
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Are you ready for the federal election? Which issue will determine your vote?

Federal party leaders are campaigning, and election buzz is everywhere — even as a fourth wave of COVID-19 begins.

With Olympic gold, Sinclair and Labbé call for professional women's soccer team in Canada

Canada does not have any professional women’s soccer teams, but Team Canada's Christine Sinclair and Stephanie Labbé hope their Olympic gold win can help advance the sport in their home country.
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What's your most memorable moment from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

Canadians have made their mark on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Have you been watching?

What Simone Biles's Olympic decision can teach us about supporting people at work

Margot Ross-Graham, principal and owner of Sandbar Coaching and Consulting in Edmonton, told Cross Country Checkup that Simone Biles's "courageous decision" could make way for more conversations about mental health in the workplace. 

Canadian Olympians may be at greater risk for mental health disorder, says researcher

According to a recently published study by researchers at the University of Toronto, the prevalence of symptoms associated with mental disorders could be higher among elite athletes than within the general Canadian population.
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Do we expect too much from Olympic athletes?

Simone Biles's decision to exit two events has been called her greatest Olympic achievement — one that could revolutionize elite competition and choices made by Olympic athletes. What do you think?
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Outdoor exercise and protecting kids amid wildfire smoke: Your questions answered

Dr. Christopher Carlsten spoke with Cross Country Checkup host Ian Hanomansing about the risks associated with wildfire smoke, and answered questions from callers about exercising when air quality is poor as well as how best to protect young children.

Empty seats at Tokyo Olympics could hinder some athletes — but help others

With no fans in the stands to cheer on athletes, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be an adjustment for many competitors, whether they rely on the crowd's roar for motivation — or for focus.
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How do you feel about the 2020 Tokyo Olympics?

After a year delay, the 2020 Tokyo Games are on. As athletes begin competing, are you feeling the passion — or the flame? Tell us what you think.

Businesses are in a tight spot when it comes to proof of vaccinations, says privacy lawyer

As provinces take steps toward post-COVID normalcy, more questions are being raised about proof of vaccinations and how they're impacted by privacy laws — from both consumers and businesses. Privacy lawyer Molly Reynolds highlights some of the challenges businesses face when making those assessments.
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Former Canadian Olympian Mark Tewksbury

Former Canadian Olympian and 1992 Olympic gold medallist Mark Tewksbury answers questions from callers.

How are you managing the relaxation of restrictions?

As provinces move into the next of their reopening plans, Canadians are gradually returning to their pre-COVID routines — with or without proof of vaccinations.

Booster shots, visiting unvaccinated family & travelling with kids: Your COVID-19 questions answered

As part of Checkup’s regular Ask Me Anything series, infectious diseases specialist Dr. Lynora Saxinger answered questions from callers about vaccine effectiveness against new strains, visiting parents and travelling with unvaccinated children.