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Despite calls of 'Western alienation', the Liberal Party will bring prosperity to Alberta, says Hajdu

Liberal Party candidate Patty Hajdu took calls from Cross Country Checkup listeners during the recurring Ask Me Anything segment and answered questions about Western province alienation, electoral reform and the Liberal Party's commitment to reconciliation.

Conservatives will focus on 'key domestic priorities' with cuts to foreign aid, says O'Toole

Conservative Party candidate Erin O'Toole took calls from Cross Country Checkup listeners during the show’s recurring Ask Me Anything segment and answered questions on international aid and relations with China and Israel.

Here's how to avoid family drama when talking politics over Thanksgiving dinner

Disagreement can sour any party, but according to one expert, there are ways of tackling tough topics without a food fight.

FREE TICKETS: Cross Country Checkup's election eve town hall

With live audiences hosted by Michelle Eliot in Vancouver and Duncan McCue in Leduc, Alta., this two-hour special will drill deep into everything from the Trans Mountain pipeline to carbon taxes and the green economy.

Which election issue causes the most debate in your family?

If your Thanksgiving sounds anything like the federal leader's debate, you're not alone — civil debate is in decline.

NDP would 'stand up' to Trump with 'bold and strong' policies, renegotiate NAFTA, says Singh

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh took calls from Cross Country Checkup listeners during the show’s recurring Ask Me Anything segment and answered questions on Canada-U.S. relations, his party’s climate change plans and employment for rural youth.

Dropping voting age to 16 could lead to higher turnout, expert says

Young Canadians are voting less than previous generations did, but one expert says engaging them early could change that. It's an idea that B.C. municipalities and some federal leaders are on board with.

Should the voting age be lowered to 16? Plus, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh takes your calls

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May Canada should lower the voting age, and so does every municipality in British Columbia. But just because you can drive to the polling station, should you have the right to vote? 

Alberta will remain an 'energy superpower' under Green Party climate plan, says May

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says Alberta's oil workers won't be left out under her party's plan to transition the country's fossil fuel industry to sustainable energy. 
Ask Me Anything

Peter Mansbridge on the federal election and his new CBC documentary

The veteran CBC News correspondent spoke with Checkup host Duncan McCue about the upcoming election and his new documentary, and took calls from listeners during an Ask Me Anything segment.

Should my child skip school for the climate strike? 2 parents weigh in

Some parents have mixed feelings about students skipping school to attend climate strikes taking place across Canada and around the world.

How important is climate change to your vote? Plus, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May takes calls

Amidst cross country climate strikes, we're talking about climate change this week on the campaign trail. Plus, both Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Peter Mansbridge will take your calls.

Reaction to Trudeau blackface photos shows the black experience is 'an unknown thing to most,' prof says

Ryerson University assistant professor Cheryl Thompson has traced the roots of black and brownface performances in Canada back to the 1840s.

'It showed some learning': Expert says Trudeau's blackface apology seems genuine, but voters are divided

Whether the Liberal leader can shift the campaign away from questions about his use of blackface may depend on how Canadians judge Trudeau’s multiple apologies about the matter.

How do you feel about Justin Trudeau's blackface apology?

It’s only week two of the campaign and already it’s an election beset by political scandals. What do Trudeau's blackface revelations say about racism in Canada?
Ask Me Anything

'Make your opinions known': Rick Mercer says Andrew Scheer needs to make his same-sex marriage views clear

In a wide-ranging interview touching on the current election campaign to his bucket list, comedian and former CBC-TV star Rick Mercer took calls from Cross Country Checkup listeners.

Free from party line, Jane Philpott campaigns on her version of the truth

The former Liberal cabinet minister and now independent candidate says truth is at the centre of her campaign, and her decision to become a political free agent will give her greater freedom to speak for constituents.

Which party leader do you trust most? Plus, Rick Mercer takes your calls

It's election time, Canada. Have you had enough of the stump speeches already? It's your turn to talk. What qualities do you expect from the next prime minister? Then, it's your chance to Ask Rick Mercer Anything.

CBC's Rosemary Barton reveals her key to non-partisan election coverage

Rosemary Barton, co-host of CBC News' The National as well as the new CBC election podcast Party Lines, took your calls in the first edition of Cross Country Checkup's new recurring Ask Me Anything segment.

E-cigarette ban would create a vaping black market: Public health expert

Regardless of vaping’s potential dangers, banning e-cigarettes isn’t a solution, says public health professor David Hammond. He argues that instead, there needs to be tougher regulations on the product and how it's marketed.

Is it time to ban flavoured e-cigarettes? Plus, Rosemary Barton takes your calls

Health Canada is warning teens to stay away, while there have been more than 200 vaping-related medical emergencies in the U.S. Is it time to ban the popular cigarette alternative? Then, Rosemary Barton answers your questions!

Classroom placements can be tricky, but don't go to the principal's office first: experts

As students across the country head back to school, anxious parents may have questions: What if my kid's teacher doesn't make the grade? For some parents, a request to place their child in a different classroom is the obvious answer.

What do you do if your kid's teacher doesn't make the grade?

Millions of kids will return to school next week for another school year. For principals, teachers and parents everywhere, classroom placement is a very delicate dance — and not everyone is happy with where their kids end up.

As global recession fears rise, it's time to look at your money, finance expert says

Ahead of potential market changes, finance expert Kelley Keehn says it’s a good time for Canadians to check where money is being “robbed” from them and consult a professional if you're struggling.

'It basically means nothing': Why some economists are skeptical of the term middle class

With an October federal election creeping closer, Canadians can expect to hear the term middle class tossed around by politicians on the campaign trail. But according to experts, it’s not necessarily a useful term.