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How are you dealing with high prices in the lead-up to gift-giving season?

The rising cost of what sometimes seems to be everything has been one of the top stories this year. And the most expensive time of the year is now here. How have you gotten through the holidays in tough times previously, and what solutions have you come up with this year?

'Dirty debt secret' guides couple out of the red, others struggle to stay afloat

As Canada's debt-to-disposable income ratio rises, it can bond or break relationships, experts suggest. Statistics Canada says the average Canadian household had about $1.82 in credit market debt for every dollar of disposable income in the second quarter of 2022.
Sunday on Checkup

What does it mean to you to see Canada at the World Cup?

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is well underway, with Canada’s men’s team making its first appearance in the tournament since 1986. The host country Qatar continues to face global scrutiny for its criminalization of homosexuality and treatment of migrant workers.
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What impact is the surge in hospitals having on your life?

A swell of COVID-19, flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) has Canada's hospital system overloaded with patients, specifically young people. What should be done about it?

This farmer says he reluctantly throws away enough cauliflower to feed a province

An estimated 13 per cent of fruits and vegetables grown in Canada go unharvested or are discarded, according to a federal government report. Many farmers say they can't afford to harvest, box and transport wasted produce to food-insecure Canadians for free.
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What impact is debt having on your life?

Inflation and Interest rate hikes are making digital wallets a lot lighter, with personal and business bankruptcies way up.
Sunday on Checkup

Is Canada ready to accept over 1 million new immigrants in the next 3 years?

Canada intends to significantly boost immigration over the next three years to secure its economic prosperity as industries stare down a large labour shortage. The plan also calls for more immigrants to be accepted based on their works skills.
Sunday on Checkup

Why did you quit your job?

There are many reasons why you might leave your job. You could be bored, not feeling challenged, or perhaps working for a company that no longer aligns with your values. Whether you're considering it, or have already made "the big leap"...what's your story?

Some Canadians say remote employee tracking is justified. Others are dead set against it

Employee surveillance systems installed by a Quebec company helped determine an employee was sleeping on the job, while working from home. But some consider this type of tracking as spying.
Sunday on Checkup

How are high grocery prices affecting you?

As Canada's inflation rate continues to slow, the same cannot be said for food prices. Groceries bought at stores are increasing at a pace of 11.4 per cent. And as some economists predict, there's reason to believe food prices could continue to climb because of currency and seasonal reasons. 
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How are you affected by Hockey Canada's sexual abuse scandal?

Hockey Canada's CEO and board resigned this week after a secret fund to deal with sexual assault allegations came to light. The news came as political and corporate pressure ramped up over the organization's handling of the situation.
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Is the minimum wage enough to make ends meet where you live?

Minimum wage is going up in some provinces across the country, but is it enough to combat rising inflation?
Sunday on Checkup

Should your boss track you online?

As hybrid work becomes more common, some companies are turning toward surveillance systems — such as software that can track a user's keyboard activity, or programs that share photos from a user's webcam — to keep track of off-site employees.
Sunday on Checkup

What impact is Fiona having on you?

Fiona has smashed into Atlantic Canada, washing away homes and knocking out power from intense, hurricane-strength winds and torrential rains.

Canada's tipping culture is flawed and there's no clear fix in sight: experts

The “tip nudge” has quickly become a “well-established societal norm” in Canada, according to food economists. And many consumers say the country's tipping culture should be scrapped altogether in place of employers raising prices and paying their employees more.
Sunday on Checkup

What's your tipping story?

Canadians are being asked to increase their tips when paying with debit and credit cards, according to industry analysts. From oil changes to take-out food, where do you stand on the issue of tipping?
Sunday on Checkup

What did Queen Elizabeth II mean to you?

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning British monarch, has died. She had 22 royal tours of Canada, more than any other Commonwealth country.

How 'suspended grief' during the pandemic can turn into a second wave of sorrow for some

Shawna Katz lost her partner during the pandemic and has been leaning on her "grief sister" for support. As COVID-19 restrictions lift and allow people to reconnect in-person, one psychologist says those who endured tragedy alone during COVID-19 may now be dealing with "suspended grief."

This B.C. couple found a doctor by placing a newspaper ad. Others hope to copy their success

As Canada's doctor shortage grows, people are getting creative in their search for primary care. The Vancouver Island woman whose newspaper ad seeking a doctor inspired a copycat in Vancouver has found a family physician for her husband. But there are still millions without access to primary care.
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Who should lead the Conservative Party of Canada?

The Conservative Party of Canada will decide its next leader in a matter of days. The decision will affect that party's fortunes in the next election, but also potentially politics as a whole in this country for years to come.
Sunday on Checkup

What have you enjoyed most about this summer?

The pandemic is not over, but it might have felt like it for a lot of Canadians this summer as restrictions were lifted on gathering limits, masking, and proof of vaccination in most provinces this spring. 
Sunday on Checkup

How is the job market going for you?

The labour shortage in Canada has been well-documented. It's historic – and across many sectors.
Sunday on Checkup

Is Canada's health-care system in crisis?

Emergency rooms are temporarily closing due to a lack of staff, and there's a chronic lack of family doctors.
Sunday on Checkup

How has rising inflation changed your future plans?

Millions of Canadians are struggling this summer, as the price of just about everything is rising. Is higher inflation forcing you to change your future plans?

With the cost of living rising, people share 'inflation hacks' to combat higher costs

As the cost of living continues to rise, Canadians are looking for creative ways to try and save money. Here’s a sampling of the ‘inflation hacks’ we could glean from financial experts and everyday folks.