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Expectant moms talk about pregnancy during a pandemic with online support group

As physical isolation measures across Canada lead to prenatal classes being cancelled and closing doctor's offices to visits, expectant mothers are turning to an online chat group to stay reassured and informed.

Saturday special: Who is your COVID-19 hero?

In the midst of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, stories have emerged of Canadians banding together to help each other out. Submit your stories to highlight people for their kindness for a special "care-mongering" edition of Cross Country Checkup.

COVID-19 pandemic has been a 'rapid shock to our societies,' says Patty Hajdu

Hajdu spoke to Checkup host Duncan McCue about the measures the federal government is taking — and might be willing to take in the future — to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Sunday on Checkup: What is your COVID-19 problem?

How has the outbreak affected your life? What problems or struggles are you facing right now? Our expert panel takes your questions about money, medicine, mental health and kids today on a special Q&A edition of Cross Country Checkup.

Canadians short on work after COVID-19-related shutdown feeling the pressure as rent deadline looms

Canadians are feeling the pinch after the global pandemic shuttered stores, slowed businesses to a crawl and silenced music venues — leaving many to worry exactly how they're going to pay their rent in the coming months.

Saturday special: How has COVID-19 disrupted your life?

Life has changed dramatically for many Canadians because of the COVID-19 pandemic. On a special Saturday edition of Checkup, our expert panel will answer your questions about money, medical concerns, relationships and parenting in this period of social distancing and quarantine.

People with 'invisible illnesses' at risk during COVID-19 pandemic, says woman with autoimmune disease

Many people in self-isolation because of the COVID-19 pandemic are likely doing so for the first time. But this is a typical flu season precaution for Laura Brown, who has a rare autoimmune condition.

Self-isolation will prove challenging to many people's mental health, cautions psychology prof

More Canadians are finding themselves in self-isolation at home for weeks at a time, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Steve Joordens says this can seriously disrupt our daily rhythms, and deprive us of the regular human contact that is essential for our mental health.

Sunday on Checkup: Is enough being done to slow down COVID-19?

Canadians watched as events unfolded in China and Hong Kong, South Korea and Italy. Now COVID-19 is officially a pandemic — and it's a lot closer to home.

'It's really good to be home': Ontario couple return after weeks under quarantine on cruise ship

Rose Yerex is relieved to be home in Port Dover, Ont., after being quarantined for weeks on a cruise ship off the coast of Japan that was struck by the COVID-19 outbreak.

'Stay the course': Don't let COVID-19 anxieties dictate your personal finance plans, says consultant

Amidst growing financial anxiety over the COVID-19 outbreak, one financial consultant says many Canadians will feel additional stress in the coming months, particularly those already walking "a bit of a tightrope."

Sunday on Checkup: What worries you most about COVID-19?

Concerns about the novel coronavirus have spurred some people to stockpile masks, bottles of hand sanitizer, food and other supplies. Parents, meanwhile, are cancelling school trips and family vacations — and wondering how much of a hit their wallet will take in the process.

5 lessons about COVID-19 from doctor who led WHO mission to China

Canadian doctor Bruce Aylward led the World Health Organization's COVID-19 mission to China. He joined Duncan McCue to answer listeners' questions about the novel coronavirus for Checkup's Ask Me Anything segment.

Sunday on Checkup: Should medical assistance in dying be an option when the diagnosis isn't terminal?

This week, a bill proposes to widen eligibility for medical assistance in dying (MAID), including removing the requirement that someone's natural death be "reasonably foreseeable."

MAID has been legal in Belgium since 2002. But mental health-related cases remain complicated, says doctor

Dr. Marc van Hoey says that a recent court case in Belgium where three doctors were charged with murder after a woman who was granted MAID may have a chilling effect on the medical community, especially in cases involving mental illness.

RCMP presence on Wet'suwet'en land doesn't break promise to hereditary chiefs: Blair

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair says government and police officials have continued to have "a very respectful dialogue" with the Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs about ongoing blockades and protests against the Coastal Gaslink pipeline.

Sunday on Checkup: Who is responsible for the Wet'suwet'en blockade impasse?

Tensions persist across the country over the ongoing rail blockades protesting the Coastal Gaslink pipeline.

Indigenous pro-pipeline representative says he won't tell Wet'suwet'en chiefs what to do

Clifford White, a board member of the First Nations LNG Alliance — a group backing the proposed Coastal GasLink natural gas pipeline — says it’s up to Wet’suwet’en people to decide how to move forward.

Indigenous groups need 'guarantees' on land rights before getting trains back on track: Oka Crisis veteran

Land defender Ellen Gabriel says Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs shouldn't relent without a temporary halt to the Coastal GasLink pipeline project construction, which runs through their traditional lands.

Sunday on Checkup: What's your reaction to the B.C. pipeline protests?

What began as a Wet'suwet'en blockade in northern B.C. shut down Via Rail and CN dead in their tracks this week.
Ask Me Anything

CBC's Katie Simpson on American politics, the 2020 election and holding politicians accountable

CBC News foreign correspondent Katie Simpson took listeners’ calls during the program’s regular Ask Me Anything segment.

Redesigning roads can reduce pedestrian deaths, but cities lack the political will: expert

Last year, 39 pedestrians in Toronto were killed in vehicle-related incidents, and across B.C., 49 died in similar incidents during the same period. Experts say the key to reducing those numbers is to change driver behaviour, but it can be a challenge.

Sunday on Checkup: Are pedestrians safe where you live?

Last year, in Toronto, 40 pedestrians were struck by a moving vehicle and killed. But in Oslo, Norway, zero pedestrians died from car-related incidents last year.
Ask Me Anything

Streaming giants open to strengthened Canadian content rules, says heritage minister

Following a new report that recommends Ottawa place greater regulations on streaming media services and end advertising on CBC platforms, Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault took calls on Cross Country Checkup.

Poor French 'serious handicap' for Tory leadership hopefuls, says former languages commissioner

As the campaign for the next Conservative Party leader heats up, so do questions about the candidates’ ability to communicate in both English and French.