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Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy 'will go on' despite Supreme Court shift: Beverley McLachlin

Former Supreme Court of Canada chief justice Beverley McLachlin believes that despite an ongoing political battle over the future of the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy of fighting for "the cause of equality" will endure.

As Thanksgiving nears, Canadian expat in the U.S. wants exemption from mandatory quarantine

Canadian-American dual citizen Kai Petainen says that the Canadian government should consider exempting Canadians returning from the U.S. to visit family from mandatory quarantine under certain conditions, including a negative COVID-19 test.
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Is it time to cancel family gatherings like Thanksgiving?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says this fall, family gatherings, like Thanksgiving dinner, might not be a good idea until at least Christmas.

'I want to puke': David Suzuki reacts to O'Regan's nuclear power endorsement

With COVID-19 at the forefront of the news, it might be easy to forget that the world is also dealing with climate change. The Nature of Things host David Suzuki addressed the climate crisis in this Sunday’s AMA.

How the New Brunswick election might change the next federal vote

With the throne speech a few days away, there’s a looming possibility of a fall federal election. But with the country currently in the middle of a pandemic, how should parties and leaders proceed? According to an associate professor of Canadian politics, leaders can learn a thing or two from the recent New Brunswick elections.

Is it time to call an election?

Justin Trudeau's Liberal government faces a critical moment this week, with a throne speech and ensuing confidence vote that could theoretically lead to a fall election. If an election were called, would you be willing to cast a ballot during a pandemic?

Halloween, COVID-19 testing and pandemic burnout: Your COVID-19 questions answered

On Sunday, Cross Country Checkup opened the phone lines to answer your questions about COVID-19 with a panel of health experts and host Ian Hanomansing.

Who should get a COVID-19 vaccine first? At-risk groups, say experts

When an effective COVID-19 vaccine eventually becomes available, people in communities hardest hit by the pandemic should be considered for the front of the line, experts say.
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What questions and concerns do you have about COVID-19?

As COVID-19 cases rise across the country, we know many of you have a lot on your mind. We're opening the phone lines for your questions, and we'll have experts on hand to give you the answers.

'It does feel pretty normal': Calgary teen offers glimpse into high school during a pandemic

Grade 11 student Greer Hunt says that while new, pandemic-related rules at her school have been challenging, she would much rather be in class with a mask than learning from home.
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Are you prepared for back to school?

With many worried about how COVID-19 could affect students in the classroom, children, parents, and teachers will have to confront the reality on the first day back.

Ian Hanomansing named interim host of Cross Country Checkup's 55th season

Co-host of The National will take your calls from Vancouver starting Sept. 6.

Biden needs a 'decisive victory' to avoid contentious fallout after U.S. election day, says professor

Law professor Lawrence Douglas says that, in order to avoid Donald Trump refuting the upcoming U.S. election results, Joe Biden would need to decisively win the electoral college vote or else Trump will create enough distrust in the results that it could tear the country apart.

What's at stake for Canada in the next U.S. election?

The U.S. presidential election is just two months away — and its results could send aftershocks north of the 49th parallel. CBC's senior news correspondent Paul Hunter guest hosts from Washington, D.C.

Trump 'authenticity' is an excuse for bad behaviour, says Republican insider

For Trump supporters like Jason Gillespie, the U.S. president’s appeal is in his lack of polish. But, author and conservative writer Charlie Sykes says Trump's perceived 'authenticity' is symptomatic of how divided politics has become.

Who should lead the Conservative Party of Canada?

After the ballots have been cast — but ahead of the final results being announced — join Checkup with guest host Kathleen Petty this Sunday just before the Conservative Party of Canada's next leader is crowned.

Room author Emma Donoghue on tackling tough topics with children

This year has forced many parents to confront challenging conversations with their children — the COVID-19 pandemic in particular — and Irish Canadian writer Emma Donoghue has thought a lot about how parents can face them.

How to talk about back-to-school plans with your kids during a pandemic

With just weeks until the start of the school year, many parents are having to decide whether their children will return to school. Two experts offer some tips on talking to your children about what going back to school could look like this year.
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What are you telling your kids about back to school?

With many parents balancing worries about COVID-19 with a push to return students to the classroom, it's time for tough decisions — and tricky explanations.

COVID-related anxiety is common, but many are learning to overcome it, says psychologist

Dr. Steven Taylor, author of The Psychology of Pandemics, says COVID-19 is causing widespread anxiety and social disconnection among people — but most of us should expect a full recovery once it subsides, thanks to our collective resilience.

Ask Me Anything: COVID-19 vaccine edition

Virologist and vaccine expert Dr. Alyson Kelvin has been at the forefront of Canada's quest to find a treatment for COVID-19. She answers vaccine questions from Checkup listeners and viewers online in our Ask Me Anything segment.

Cross Country Checkup's summer guest host lineup

With Duncan McCue taking a well-deserved summer break from Checkup, here's a list of our guest hosts for the program over the next few weeks.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed you?

For better or worse, many of us would say our outlook on life is different now than it was just a few months ago. Join guest host Adrienne Arsenault to talk about how life has changed for you this year.

How COVID-19 energized a new crop of political activists, community advocates

A number of activist and advocate groups have formed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, calling on governments for COVID-related relief, but also raising awareness about other issues that affect their communities.

Looking for a new summer read? Notable Canadians share their top book picks

With many Canadians enjoying a summer long weekend, Cross Country Checkup asked notable Canadian podcasters, writers — and readers — to share their top book picks for the beach or a backyard staycation.