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'The Meghan effect is real': How the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could find success as influencers

Though the status of Meghan and Harry's trademarked "Sussex Royal" brand is up in the air, marketing experts suggest that a turn to promoting high end brands could be in their future.

What's your reaction to Harry and Meghan's move to Canada?

After a royal rift with the Queen, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are making their home in Canada — for now. Is it time to roll out — or roll up — the red carpet?

From snow forts to beat poems, here's how Newfoundlanders weathered the storm

Sustained wind and snow made digging out impossible. But people still found ways to make the best of it.

How are you coping with the weather this winter?

As parts of Newfoundland remain under a state of emergency following an unprecedented winter storm, residents in British Columbia and Edmonton face record-breaking cold temperatures.

Repatriating loved ones killed in Iran plane crash will be 'challenging': former diplomat

As family and friends of those killed in the Iran plane crash come to terms with the tragedy, many are faced with the challenge of returning loved ones' remains to Canada. According to former diplomat Dennis Horak, repatriation of deceased loved ones to Canada could be ‘a difficult process.’

What's your reaction to the Ukraine airline tragedy?

The fallout after Iran admits it "unintentionally" shot down Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752, the tragic loss of 57 Canadians and, now, protests in the streets of Tehran.

'The basic human conundrum': Why we have a love-hate relationship with technology

The rise of smart technology — everything from self-driving cars to video streaming might be exciting to some. But experts say constant change can also create anxiety.

Are new technologies making your life better or worse?

From Alexa to self-checkouts and self-driving cars, the age of automation is here in 2020. This week on Cross Country Checkup, we want to know how new technologies are impacting your life.

LGBTQ representation on screen blossomed this decade, but greater trans visibility is needed, comedian says

As diversity grew across media over the past decade, several Cross Country Checkup callers shared their thoughts on how LGBTQ representation in particular has blossomed on screen.

Pop culture experts share the film, music and book trends that defined the decade

As Canadians cap off 2019 and start a fresh decade, Cross Country Checkup asked three pop culture experts what defined the sounds, sights and words of the 2010s.

Sunday on Checkup: What's your pop culture pick of the decade?

As 2019 comes to a close, we want to hear what moments in pop culture stood out for you this decade.

Relatives stressing you out this holiday? Here's how to avoid a family feud

For many of us, spending time with loved ones over the holidays can be a source of joy. For others, it can mean stressful family expectations and awkward dinner conversations. We talked with Toronto psychotherapist Joshua Peters about how to overcome some of those challenging holiday moments with family.

'It was like walking into a nightmare': How holiday meals heighten the stress of eating disorders

Jenni Schaefer doesn’t consider the holidays a stressful time of year anymore, but it wasn’t always that way. As someone who long struggled with an eating disorder, being surrounded by food and family during the holidays was “like walking into a nightmare.”

How do you cope with holiday stress?

The holidays are said to be a time of cheer, but families, bills and stressful obligations can leave some of us feeling anything but happy.
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No room for 'bigotry' on same-sex marriage in Conservative party, says party insider

Strategist Kory Teneycke told Cross Country Checkup on Sunday that a 'myriad of views' are acceptable within the Conservative Party, but 'bigotry' is not one of them. Teneycke took calls from listeners during an Ask Me Anything call-in.

'Nobody panhandles by choice': How panhandling bans affect the homeless

As three municipalities in B.C. enact bylaws banning panhandling — and threaten stiff fines for those ticketed — one expert says the approach is criminalizing homelessness.

Do you give money to the homeless?

Cities and towns across Canada are enacting bans against so-called "aggressive" panhandling. Meanwhile, an Ottawa councillor is calling for a state of emergency on homelessness. What's the best way to support homelessness individuals?
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Olympian Silken Laumann on abuse in coaching, her accident and staying motivated

Three-time Olympic medallist Silken Laumann took calls from Cross Country Checkup listeners during an Ask Me Anything segment on sports and mental health.

Abusive coaching doesn't make better players, says former athlete

Nearly three decades after his time as an athlete — and now with kids of his own out on the field — Young has made it his mission to modernize the culture around coaching with his company, Personal Sport Record.

When does a coach's behaviour cross the line?

Amid the resignation of Calgary Flames coach Bill Peters, and the suspensions of others, professional sports have been rocked by allegations of abuse by coaches.

These unique holiday gift ideas will spare you a trip to the shopping mall

From the gift of time to proof of Santa Claus, callers shared unique presents for the holidays Sunday on Cross Country Checkup.

Is it time to rethink traditional gift giving?

As Canadians spend the weekend searching for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, the European Parliament has declared a climate emergency.
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Despite speculation, Wilson-Raybould says she has no plans to seek Green leadership

Vancouver-Granville independent MP Jody Wilson-Raybould took calls from Cross Country Checkup listeners about her relationship with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the new federal cabinet, the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and reconciliation.

'Leave your armour at the door': How bonding is helping Indigenous men heal body, mind and spirit

DUDES Club, a men's health group in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, encourages men to talk about their physical and mental health, and grow through the bonds of brotherhood.

What's preventing men from talking about their mental health?

Too often men struggle with anxiety, isolation and depression in silence. According to the Movember campaign, 75 per cent of deaths by suicide in Canada are men.