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'I wanted to pay tribute': Raptors fan immortalizes Kawhi Leonard's iconic buzzer-beater with a tattoo

Ian Maningas has been a fan of the Toronto Raptors his whole life — and after Kawhi Leonard’s miraculous buzzer-beating shot sent the whole city into rapture last Sunday, he wanted to remember it forever.

Sunday on Checkup: Is basketball Canada's new national sport?

On Sunday, the Toronto Raptors will play Game 3 against the Milwaukee Bucks at the NBA Eastern Conference playoffs. The possibility of the Raptors making it to the finish line has piqued interest in the sport beyond just die-hard fans.

'This is how it should work': How 2 women challenged cultural expectations of household chores

In the majority of Canadian households, women still take on the lion’s share of chores and unpaid labour. Two women tell Cross Country Checkup how they pushed for greater equality at home.

What straight couples can learn from same-sex couples when it comes to chores

Studies suggest that gay and lesbian couples tend to be more egalitarian about who scrubs the tub and who buys the groceries — and it often comes down to openness and 'active negotiation'.

Is it time to reassign household chores?

Folding laundry. Tub scrubbing. Vacation planning. Moms still bear the burden of most household chores, according to new studies. And they want their partners to pick up their fair share.

Thalidomide survivor says Canadians should 'trust the science' on vaccines

Alvin Law was born without arms as a result of thalidomide, a once-prescribed nausea drug. Despite negative experiences with pharmaceuticals, Law says vaccine-hesitant parents should trust doctors and drug companies when it comes to vaccine science.

Are mandatory vaccines the solution to a looming health crisis — or fuel for conspiracies?

As more cases of measles are confirmed across the country, some are calling on government to mandate compulsory vaccinations to end outbreaks. But, experts disagree on whether the approach will work.

Should the measles shot be mandatory?

The recent measles outbreak is inflaming the debate over mandatory vaccination. Currently, only Ontario and New Brunswick require proof of immunization for children and adolescents to attend school.

New Brunswick family raised their home, but flood waters still lap at their door

Jan Seely and her husband thought they were prepared for flooding when they raised their house up higher on their land in 2008. But record-breaking flooding this year and last year in New Brunswick has shown they didn't do enough.

'Climate change erodes mental health,' says psychiatrist

Climate change can have a severe and long-lasting impact on the people who live through floods and wildfires, says Dr. Peter Silverstone.

Floods, fires and ice storms: An ex-soldier's battle on the front line of natural disasters

As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces for 13 years, Josh Bowen's resume reads like a catalog of Canadian catastrophes. Now, the former soldier is helping other communities prepare for natural disasters - and he says planning is key.

Is your community ready to deal with an environmental disaster?

Severe environmental events like flooding or wildfires are increasingly become the new normal in many places in Canada - and that means governments and communities are changing how they respond. Is your community ready to deal with an environmental disaster?

How 3 Canadians are finding a second life for everything from socks to toasters

From repair cafés to recycling drives, callers to Cross Country Checkup explained how they're diverting waste from landfills.

Blame the signs: When recycling is confusing, we avoid it

When you have to go out of your way to recycle, or the process is just too confusing, we're less likely to make an effort. University of British Columbia psychology professor Jiaying Zhao says simple changes could make being green easier.

What ideas do you have to make recycling easier?

Saving the planet from all kinds of pollution has become an unrelenting mission. But, decades after the birth of recycling, many are still confused with the dizzying array of symbols.

As Facebook expands its ban on hate speech, some celebrate — and others worry

While some see Facebook's ban of far-right political commentator Faith Goldy and several Canadian groups promoting white nationalism as encouraging, others, including the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, warn there's a fine line between free expression and hate speech.

What does freedom of expression mean in the age of social media?

Facebook announced Monday it banned Canadian far-right political commentator Faith Goldy and various extremist groups as part of their push to limits the spread of content promoting white nationalism.

Three Canadians reflect on how climate change affects their livelihoods

A farmer, a former fisherman and a firefighter explain how climate change is creating challenges for them in their jobs and daily lives.

Is a carbon tax the best solution to slow down climate change?

A new climate change report finds that Canada is experiencing warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world. Coincidentally, the report was made public Monday, the same day that a federal carbon tax came into effect in four provinces.

Reporter at Wilson-Raybould's celebration feast says she has 'no regrets' over recorded call

A day after the release of Jody Wilson-Raybold's secretly recorded phone call with the outgoing Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick, the former attorney general was celebrated in a Big House ceremony at her B.C. First Nation. David P. Ball was the only journalist invited.

Has Wilson-Raybould's secret recording changed your mind about the SNC-Lavalin affair?

Former Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould presented new evidence, including a secretly recorded phone call, on Friday to the Commons justice committee as part of an investigation into the SNC-Lavalin affair.

'Apartners' in crime: Why more Canadian couples are choosing to live separately

While living alone is an unwilling choice for some, it's a growing trend among Canadians — even those in committed relationships. As living alone together becomes more common, some Canadian couples are consciously choosing to live apart.

Does solo living suit you?

Once considered unusual and stigmatizing, going solo is the new norm. Single-person households lead the pack in Canada with the number of Canadians living alone more than doubling in the past 35 years.

'New Zealand is not perfect': Maori playwright says mosque attacks weren't unprecedented

David Geary, a Capilano University instructor, says that many people want to believe that New Zealand is a peaceful "sanctuary." But given its history of conflict with the country's Indigenous peoples — and growing anti-Muslim rhetoric — that's not the case.

What conversations are you having about the New Zealand mosque attacks?

At least 49 worshippers were killed, and more than 40 were others injured, after coordinated terrorist shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, N.Z. While the world is mourning for the loss of lives, many are also questioning where the end of gun massacres is.