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'These were hurtful comments': Punjabi hockey commentator reflects on Don Cherry's ousting

Growing up, Parminder Singh loved watching Don Cherry on Coach’s Corner. But the founding host of Hockey Night in Canada: Punjabi Edition believes Cherry's time is up.

Was it necessary to fire Don Cherry?

After comments seemingly targeting immigrants for not wearing poppies, veteran hockey commentator Don Cherry was fired by Sportsnet this week. 
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What happened when Sharon, Lois & Bram played The Name Game song with Tucker

After 40 years of making music, legendary Canadian children's entertainers Sharon & Bram have plenty of stories to tell. The duo shared some of them while taking calls during an Ask Me Anything segment Sunday on Checkup.

'Let people play responsibly': How this instructor is pushing back on addictive video game design

As an instructor at Laurentian University, Aaron Langille lectures on the ins and outs of game design — and the tactics that can make games addictive. But in his class, students are taught how to make their games engaging without getting players hooked.

Can you get addicted to video games?

Hundreds of parents in Quebec have launched a class action lawsuit alleging the video game Fortnite is too addictive. Also, Ask Me Anything with Sharon and Bram.
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Gynecologist Jen Gunter wants you to talk accurately about your body

Dr. Jen Gunter, ob-gyn and author of The Vagina Bible, took calls from Cross Country Checkup listeners on the future of pseudoscience, perimenopause and why you shouldn't mince words with kids.

When it comes to boycotting opinions, 'cancel culture' is preventing dialogue from occurring: psychologist

Cancel — or call-out — culture, often thrives in online forums and aims to hold people to account publicly. But it is preventing critical conversations from occurring, according to a psychologist who says he's been "cancelled" himself.

Has 'cancel culture' gone too far?

In Toronto, hundreds called on the Toronto Public Library to cancel a talk by writer Meghan Murphy Tuesday night. Are boycotts of controversial, offensive or questionable public speakers helping or hurting free speech?

'Worse than I've ever seen it': Trudeau must ease 'Wexit' talks with oil commitments, says Alberta think tank

Martha Hall Findlay, president and CEO of the Canada West Foundation, tells Cross Country Checkup that one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s key tasks following the election is to unite the country in order to avoid separatism talks.

What's your takeaway from this federal election?

The Liberals formed a minority government during Monday's federal election but the Conservatives won the popular vote. Meanwhile, the Bloc Quebecois surged over incumbent NDP candidates in Quebec.

From both ends of the pipeline, Canadians worry about Trans Mountain's future ahead of election

In a special twin town hall from both Leduc, Alta., and Vancouver, Cross Country Checkup asked Canadians what the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion means for their vote.

Alberta's oilpatch workers anxiously await election results to see if pipeline will proceed

The prolonged slump in the oil and gas sector has left tens of thousands of Albertans unemployed, and the election question many are asking is whether the newly-elected federal government will finally get shovels in the ground on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

How does Trans Mountain affect your vote?

This week on Checkup: Two cities, one pipeline. Your vote. We're debating the Trans Mountain expansion from both ends of the pipeline in a special two-city election eve town hall.

Despite calls of 'Western alienation', the Liberal Party will bring prosperity to Alberta, says Hajdu

Liberal Party candidate Patty Hajdu took calls from Cross Country Checkup listeners during the recurring Ask Me Anything segment and answered questions about Western province alienation, electoral reform and the Liberal Party's commitment to reconciliation.

Conservatives will focus on 'key domestic priorities' with cuts to foreign aid, says O'Toole

Conservative Party candidate Erin O'Toole took calls from Cross Country Checkup listeners during the show’s recurring Ask Me Anything segment and answered questions on international aid and relations with China and Israel.

Here's how to avoid family drama when talking politics over Thanksgiving dinner

Disagreement can sour any party, but according to one expert, there are ways of tackling tough topics without a food fight.

Which election issue causes the most debate in your family?

If your Thanksgiving sounds anything like the federal leader's debate, you're not alone — civil debate is in decline.

NDP would 'stand up' to Trump with 'bold and strong' policies, renegotiate NAFTA, says Singh

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh took calls from Cross Country Checkup listeners during the show’s recurring Ask Me Anything segment and answered questions on Canada-U.S. relations, his party’s climate change plans and employment for rural youth.

Dropping voting age to 16 could lead to higher turnout, expert says

Young Canadians are voting less than previous generations did, but one expert says engaging them early could change that. It's an idea that B.C. municipalities and some federal leaders are on board with.

Should the voting age be lowered to 16? Plus, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh takes your calls

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May Canada should lower the voting age, and so does every municipality in British Columbia. But just because you can drive to the polling station, should you have the right to vote? 

Alberta will remain an 'energy superpower' under Green Party climate plan, says May

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says Alberta's oil workers won't be left out under her party's plan to transition the country's fossil fuel industry to sustainable energy. 
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Peter Mansbridge on the federal election and his new CBC documentary

The veteran CBC News correspondent spoke with Checkup host Duncan McCue about the upcoming election and his new documentary, and took calls from listeners during an Ask Me Anything segment.

Should my child skip school for the climate strike? 2 parents weigh in

Some parents have mixed feelings about students skipping school to attend climate strikes taking place across Canada and around the world.

How important is climate change to your vote? Plus, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May takes calls

Amidst cross country climate strikes, we're talking about climate change this week on the campaign trail. Plus, both Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Peter Mansbridge will take your calls.

Reaction to Trudeau blackface photos shows the black experience is 'an unknown thing to most,' prof says

Ryerson University assistant professor Cheryl Thompson has traced the roots of black and brownface performances in Canada back to the 1840s.