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Sunday on Checkup: Which pocketbook issue will sway your vote?

As Canada gears up for an election, economists are warning that a recession may be on the horizon. What costs are keeping you up at night?

Foreign Affairs parliamentary secretary says 'plans are in place' to assist Canadian citizens in Hong Kong

Speaking to Cross Country Checkup on Sunday, MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Rob Oliphant defended Canada's "consistent," "strong" response to Hong Kong protests.

After surviving Tiananmen, Hong Kong protester continues the fight for pro-democracy

Having narrowly escaped the violence on Tiananmen Square, Jonathan Chan now counsels young protesters during demonstrations in Hong Kong.

Does Canada have a moral obligation to Hong Kong?

There are 300,000 Canadians living in Hong Kong and many others here, at home, watching events nervously. As pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong enter the 11th week — and clashes between police and demonstrators escalate — how are the tensions affecting Canadians in both countries?

'You protect what you love': Why biodiversity thrives on Indigenous-managed lands

A recent study from the University of British Columbia found that biodiversity on Indigenous-managed land is 40 per cent greater compared to non-protected regions in Canada.

Meet the 13-year-old who is saving monarch butterflies from her Toronto backyard

Simone Hedley and her mother are doing their part to protect the threatened pollinator by raising and releasing monarch butterflies into their West Toronto neighbourhood.

Are we doing enough to protect Canada's wildlife?

Scientists are sounding the alarm as threats to the survival of many species around the world and here in Canada grow. Meanwhile, a comprehensive report from the UN says one million species of plants and animals are in trouble.

Why getting that perfect Instagram photo might be bad for your vacation

Surveys find that social media is changing the way we travel — and adding pressure to make our vacations perfect. Psychology professor Jaime Kurtz says that's ruining our holidays.

What is your best or worst vacation story?

We've all had one: the vacation that defied all expectations. Did you end up stuck on the tarmac for hours waiting for take off? Or was it a magical moment, unexpectedly crossing paths with a majestic moose for the first time? Tell us your stories.

Despite Canada's ban on shark fin imports, the appetite for them lingers: activist

When Nathan Cheng is served shark fin soup at weddings, he turns it away. The animal rights activist says that other young Asian Canadians have also turned their backs on the delicacy — despite pushback from parents and grandparents.

Is it wrong to eat meat?

From Beyond Meat burgers to Canada's ban on shark fins to disagreement over the country's new food guide, is the drop in Canada’s per capita meat eating virtuous or virtue signalling?

Feds fighting racism, 'seriously looking at' Quebec's Bill 21: multiculturalism secretary

Liberal MP Gary Anandasangaree says the federal government is taking a leadership role in combating racism with a national Anti-Racism Strategy announced last month, but he stopped short of committing to action against Quebec's religious symbols law.

How is Canada doing when it comes to tackling racism?

A tweet from U.S. President Donald Trump suggesting a group of Democrat congresswomen of colour 'go back' to the places from 'which they came' ignited a firestorm this week. But how are we doing north of the border when it comes to race issues?

What at-home DNA tests can tell about you — and what they can't

While genetic genealogy testing can offer insight into one’s lineage, the results are often an approximation of genetics combined with results from their database of customers — and they say nothing about your identity.

With at home DNA testing, how is our genetic information shaping who we are?

On the surface, it's a small trade-off. You take a simple test in the comfort of your own home and your ancestral background is thrown wide open to you. But who knows the implications of rummaging through that genetic closet.

Boomers, once critical of millennials, are more sympathetic to their housing plight, says professor

A recent report finds that saving for a down payment takes three times longer for young Canadians than their counterparts in the '70s. But despite once being seen as entitled, their parents are recognizing the challenges millennials face, according to research.

Are boomers to blame for millennials' misery?

Millennials may love pumpkin spice lattes, but they'll never own a home. Meanwhile the generation that had it all tell them they should sacrifice their avocado toast and just save harder.

Why an expat and a champion arm wrestler call these 2 Canadian songs their favourites

From a fireside Joni Mitchell performance to a Jeremy Dutcher-inspired podium finish, Cross Country Checkup callers share what makes these Canadian staples important to them

3 Canadian stars tell us about their favourite homegrown song

From Big Yellow Taxi to The Hockey Song, it’s hard to choose just one Canadian song to call a favourite. We asked country star Brett Kissel, singer-songwriter Ruth B and figure skater Patrick Chan for their top picks.

What's your favourite Canadian song?

From Wavin' Flag to My Heart Will Go On, what's the story behind your No. 1 homegrown tune?

David Suzuki decries pipeline approval, calls for unity on 'existential crisis' of climate change

Warning that Canadians have little time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow climate change, Suzuki shared his thoughts on the politics of climate change and took calls from Cross Country Checkup listeners.

Can a pipeline expansion and climate emergency co-exist?

On Monday, the House of Commons declared a 'national climate emergency'. On Tuesday, Justin Trudeau announced an expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline. Can the two find balance?

Veteran journalist Anna Maria Tremonti reveals the key to good interviews — and her love of opera

Anna Maria Tremonti will sign off of The Current for one last time after 17 seasons in the host chair. Ahead of her departure, she took phone calls about her career, journalism and the challenges facing Canadians on Cross Country Checkup.

How a teen reporter's question to Kyle Lowry was heard around the world

Now that his question for the Toronto Raptors star has gone viral, 13-year-old CBC Kids News contributor Arjun Ram hopes for a long future in journalism.

Sunday on Checkup: What does the Raptors win mean to you? Plus, Anna Maria Tremonti takes your calls

We're opening the lines to hear your thoughts on this week's historic win by the Toronto Raptors. Then Anna Maria Tremonti will take your calls on her 17 years as host of CBC Radio's The Current.