Forget vocal fry, let's listen to what women are saying

Writer Briony Smith was told to change the way she talked. Instead, she spoke out.
Briony believes we should focus on the content of what people are saying, not how they're saying it. (Photo courtesy of Briony Smith)

Briony Smith is tired of people telling women how to talk. In the past couple of years, there has been a lot of discussion about the sound of young people's voices, especially women. Terms like "vocal fry" and "upspeak" emerged and quickly became defined as undesirable traits for women in the professional world

Briony is the Senior Editor at Flare Magazine and she admits to having a "creaky-Kardashian-door voice," which hasn't been an issue in her decade-long journalism career. She expressed her frustration about the current discussion of women's voices in an article titled, Hey Profesh World, Upspeak, Doesn't, Like, Mean, A Thing?

"It drives me crazy that people are so hung up on the sound of your voice rather than the content of what you're saying," Briony told Candy. 

"The only thing that every one person has is your voice. That's the one thing you have. Why should you try to erase it and stamp it out?"