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Can your grandma lift 700 pounds? 'Beastmode Grandma' can

62-year-old weightlifter 'Beastmode Grandma' from Vancouver trains for World Masters Championships.
Sue Spencer can lift up to 700 pounds with her legs. (Paul Marlow with permission from Sue Spencer)

Usually, retirement plans involve a condo in Florida and a few Carribean cruises. This wasn't the case for Sue Spencer. When Sue was approaching 60, she decided to make some drastic changes to her life to improve her mental and physical health. So she started going to the gym, five days a week.

Now 62, Sue can deadlift 265 pounds and bench press 125 pounds. She has lost over a hundred pounds and built a lot of muscle since her first gym trip three and a half years ago. Her successes at the gym have earned her the nickname "BeastMode Grandma," which is what she goes by on social media.

Weightlifting has given Sue Spencer a new sense of purpose. (Paul Marlow)

Sue said that her weightlifting journey started from the desire to get into a healthier lifestyle. But it turned into something a lot more meaningful.

"You feel better about yourself, not that you're necessarily losing weight but you're strong. So you become strong inside and outside," Sue told Candy.

Sue's new lifestyle has given her a new sense of self, a sense of purpose and a sense of community. "Amazing possibilities and opportunities have come to me since I started this journey. And I'm just open to whatever goes on, and that's made a huge difference, it's just a different way of looking at life," she explained.

One of the latest achievements is the invitation to participate in World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand. Sue is currently training to compete in the Olympic Weightlifting category.