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Bif Naked talks sex, love & being baptized into punk rock

Bif Naked has a new memoir, 'I, Bificus,' where she shares stories about becoming a punk rocker, surviving cancer and falling in love again.
In her memoir, Bif Naked shares the story of falling in love with punk rock. (Karolina Turek )

Canadian singer-songwriter and punk rock icon Bif Naked has been the voice of an entire generation, telling their stories in her songs. Now, she shares her own story, in a memoir titled I, Bificus.

But as Bif told Candy, she wasn't sold on the idea of writing a book about herself right away.

"I didn't think I had anything of value to share that was that different from anyone else's story," she said. "I'm a prairie girl!"

I, Bificus tells the story of becoming a punk rocker, dealing with sexual violence, surviving breast cancer and falling in love.


"I don't think I turned into an adult until I turned forty, and I certainly didn't turn into a woman until I had breast cancer," Bif explained.

The memoir also shows off the singer's love for animals, especially her dogs. "I mortgaged my house to pay for the vet bills, and I would do it again in a heartbeat," she told Candy.

Despite having been heartbroken multiple times, Bif still considers herself a romantic. She shares the story of meeting her fiance and talks about the theme of their upcoming wedding.

And Bif Naked's wedding song? Faithful by Journey.

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