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Our Olympians | Rugby captain Jen Kish talks football with the boys & shares the story of her first ink

Canadian women’s rugby captain Jen Kish talks about growing up playing on the men’s varsity football team in high school, and shares the story behind her very first tattoo.
(Jen Kish/Twitter )

Jen Kish is the captain of the Canadian women's rugby team. Before getting into the sport in high school, she started off playing on the men's varsity football team.

Jen said that one of her biggest inspirations in life and sport has been her father. As a single parent, he worked hard to give Jen the opportunities to get where she wanted. He's joining Jen on her trip to Brazil for the Summer Olympic Games.

"He gave me the best dad speeches every day when I wanted to quit, he never let me quit," Jen said.

Jen also shared tattoo stories with Candy. Her first tattoo was the Rugby Canada logo, which Jen got at 16 when she made the junior rugby team.

"I was just so proud to represent Canada at any level," Jen told Candy. "It was such a huge achievement for myself."

Now, she's the captain of the Canadian women's rugby team, which is heading to Rio this summer to represent the country at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

"I get the opportunity to lead a bunch of girls who trust me and to step up when I have to," Jen told Candy. "I'm waiting for the opportunity to step out on the Olympic pitch, because that's when all of our dreams come true and that's the dream that we've been building together."

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