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Bannock, oatcakes & fermented whale blubber: This Canadian food writer tried it all

Food writers Dana vanVeller and Lindsay Anderson documented their trip across Canada to discover what makes up our nation's food.
Some Nunavut cuisine: dried caribou and several preparations of dried and smoked arctic char (called ‘pipsi’). (Edible Road Trip/Lindsay Anderson & Dana VanVeller)

The culture of countries around the world is often defined by local cuisine. Food writers Dana vanVeller and Lindsay Anderson set out to find out what defines Canadian food culture. 

Dana VanVeller (left) and Lindsay Anderson travelled across Canada in search of quintessential Canadian cuisine. (Photo courtesy of FEAST)

In the summer of 2014, Dana and Lindsay travelled to every Canadian province and territory searching for the quintessential Canadian meal. The two writers tried everything from muktuk, a Nunavut dish made from a narwhal, to South Quebec pinwheel pastries called "pets de soeur" (or "Nun's farts").

After the trip, Dana and Linsay wrote a cookbook called Feast: An Edible Road Trip. It features 87 recipes from across the country, shared by people the writers met on the road trip. Every recipe tells its own story of Canadians who shared it. 

Mushrooms foraged near Edmonton, Alberta. (Photo courtesy of FEAST)

Dana shared the most memorable road trip stories and her favorite Canadian recipes with Candy.