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After her husband's death, Mieko Ouchi's mother suggested a family trip... to Burning Man

Mieko Ouchi is playwright from Edmonton, who is writing a play about her mother, who found a way to deal with a personal tragedy by going to the famous desert party in Nevada.

When Mieko Ouchi's father passed away in 2012 from pancreatic cancer, her family was devastated. After a stressful few months of dealing with his death, the funeral, and the memorial, they needed a break.

Mieko's mom suggested a family trip.

Mieko thought her mother meant a vacation at an all-inclusive resort, where she would lay in a cabana sipping cocktails.

Mieko Ouchi shared the story behind her new play, Burning Mom. (Eric Van/CBC)

Instead, her mother proposed a trip to Burning Man, an annual arts event that takes place in Nevada, famous for its approach to community and creative expression.

That trip became the inspiration for Mieko's next play, Burning Mom.