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What would Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser eat? The 'Outlander Kitchen' cookbook offers up 18th century fare

Inspired by the popular Outlander book and TV series, Theresa Carle Sanders has written the 'Outlander Kitchen' cookbook.
The Outlander Kitchen cookbook serves up 18-century Scottish fare, inspired by the popular book and TV series 'Outlander.' (Courtesy of Theresa Carle Sanders)
The Outlander Kitchen cookbook author, Theresa Carle Sanders (Supplied)

They say a well-written book can be life-changing. For Theresa Carle Sanders, it was the Outlander, by Diana Gabaldon. Burnt out from her job as an operations manager for Fed Ex, Theresa was looking for an escape.

The story of a time-travelling nurse who finds love and adventure in 18th-century Scotland offered that escape. The book eventually inspired another one of Theresa's passions—cooking—and led her to write the Outlander Kitchen cookbook.

Watch Theresa's video on foraging for one of her favorite wild food, nettles: