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Ladies who ride motorcycles: Kristin Lee and Tina Siddall share their love for the road

There's a growing sister of motorcycle riders who want to take control of the machine and their destiny.
Kristin Lee (left) and Tina Siddall (Supplied)

Motobabes. LOH Riders. Iron Sirens.

Whatever name they go by, more and more women are riding motorcycles than before. They come to it for different reasons: some had always dreamed of riding a motorcycle; some come to it after a life-changing experience such as divorce or death; while other women decide to take the plunge after their children are grown up.

For many women who started out riding on the back of motorcycles belonging to their fathers, brothers or partners, it's about taking control of the machine and their destiny.

Candy talks with Kristin Lee, co-founder The Litas New Brunswick branch, and Tina Siddall, a motorcyle safety instructor in St. John, NB, about their love for their rides.