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Our Olympians | Crispin Duenas aims for victory on the archery range and in the classroom

Along with competing in archery in the Olympics, Crispin Duenas teaches high school physics.
Canadian archer Crispin Duenas will be heading to his third Olympics. (Daniel Ochoa de Olza/Associated Press)

Crispin Duenas is a man of many talents. Along with being an Olympic archer, he's also a high school physics teacher and plays multiple instruments in his spare time. 

He's heading to Rio to represent Canada in the sport of archery for the third time.

Crispin told Candy that a teaching degree was a way for him to think long-term for the conclusion of his athletic career. But he's loved teaching ever since he was in charge of swimming lessons at the Scarborough YMCA.

"I like seeing that 'Aha!' moment in children or anybody I could give that information to," he explained. 

When he's not on the range, Crispin is a substitute teacher with the Toronto District School Board. The athlete told Candy that when the students find out about his Olympic history, he uses it as "a bit of leverage."

"I say, 'Okay, I will tell you guys anything you want to know about the Olympics, but we have to get through the material that your teacher wants me to get through today. So the quicker we can get through this, the more questions I can answer for you guys about the Olympics.'" 

Crispin also told Candy how math and physics knowledge helps him with archery, and his plan to bring something more than just a bow and arrows to Rio this summer.