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The story behind Alx Veliz's hit single, 'Dancing Kizomba'

The singer says the melody for the track came to him in a traffic jam.
Alx Veliz wanted to share the genre of kizomba, which he described as 'the perfect blend of Latin vibes and r'n'b and pop melody.' (Photography by Jesse Herzog)

Inspiration can strike anywhere. For Toronto singer and producer Alx Veliz, the idea for the main melody of his hit single, "Dancing Kizomba," came to him in a traffic jam.

"We're such a busy society where we're surrounded by so much noise everywhere we go—it's either people talking to you or you're listening to something," Alx told Candy Palmater. "But when you're stuck in traffic, there's nowhere to go, it's quiet in that moment."

So instead of turning on the radio and distracting himself from the silence, Alx came up with a tune that now helps thousands of commuters pass the time in traffic.

And to Alx, the success of the song didn't exactly come as a surprise. 

"I think 'Dancing Kizomba' describes what we're living as a culture nowadays, a fusion of different sounds." 

The singer told Candy that he also wanted to show off the beauty of kizomba, a genre of Angolan music, with the song and the music video.

"It was the perfect blend of the Latin vibes and the r'n'b and pop melody," Alx said.

Watch the official music video for "Dancing Kizomba":