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Mocking cancer into submission

Michael and Jon Izen get cheeky about prostate cancer in 'Finger Up the Bum'
Allan is one of the key characters in Michael and Jon Izen's illustrated book. (Courtesy of Michael and Jon Izen)
Michael Izen worked on the book with his brother Jon (right), who is a cartoonist. (Kickstarter)

There are a lot of things we avoid talking about at the dinner table. For some families, it's religion, money or illness. 

But for the Izens, those topics have always been acceptable dinner conversation—as long as there were jokes involved.

So when Michael Izen was diagnosed with prostate cancer four years ago, he decided to write a funny book about it and got his brother to help out with illustrations.

Here's a preview of a few panels out of the Izens' illustrated book: