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Edmonton writer recreates what tourists saw 20 years ago by following '90s travel guides

Using a 1997 guidebook to tour Canadian cities, Michael Hingston tries to experience what tourists saw twenty years ago.
Michael Hingston uses travel guides from the 1990s to see how the country has changed. (Courtesy of Michael Hingston)
Michael Hingston (Supplied)

It all started out as a writing assignment that was never picked up by the original editor. 

Edmonton writer and journalist Michael Hingston was told to find an old Lonely Planet travel guide, follow all of its recommendations for the city he currently lived in, and see how the experience measured up. 

Michael completed the assignment, but the person who contacted him about it has disappeared. Unfazed, the writer self-published the results of his 1990s odyssey through Edmonton and continued the project for two other Canadian cities, Vancouver and Calgary.

He tells Candy about his most memorable '90s travel guide experiences.