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SUMMER LOVIN' | A summer love story that takes us to 1970s Argentina

A love lost many decades ago...but may soon be found again.

It all started on a hot summer day in 1974.

Ines Pontoriero fell in love with a dashing young man in her home country of Argentina.

The relationship, which lasted several months before Ines had to leave for Canada, was "like from a movie," according to Ines. 

After the two lovers separated, each went on to have their own family. But this April, Ines got a fateful email in her inbox. It was her lover from the 70s, who wanted to see if they could continue where they left off.

Now, they are now looking at the possibility of rekindling their romance after several decades apart.

"I never dreamed in my wildest dreams that I could reconnect with him again," Ines said.