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'As far away from Hollywood as you can get': Cape Breton film makes big debut at TIFF

'Werewolf' is a film about the transformations of young methadone addicts, starring locals from the island.
'Werewolf' tells the story of two young methadone addicts in a small town. (grassfire films)

The Toronto International Film Festival kicks off next month. Hollywood blockbusters will make their big splash, but so will many smaller Canadian features.

Werewolf, directed by a Cape Breton native Ashley McKenzie, is one of them. The film tells the story of Blaise and Nessa, two methadone users in a small town. 

The story is inspired by an actual couple in Cape Breton and the issue of opiate addiction on the island.

It stars non-professional actors and is rooted in the community, which was important to director Ashley McKenzie.

Ashley McKenzie is the co-owner of grassfire films and the director of 'Werewolf'. (grassfire films)

Candy spoke to Ashley and Andrew Gillis, who stars in the film.