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Conquering mountains, 1916 style

Bryan Thompson recounts what it was like to climb the Bugaboo Spire using century-old equipment.
Bryan Thompson led the expedition to climb Bugaboo Spire, in the same way his hero alpine climber Conrad Kain did in 1916. (Ivan Petrov/Hobnails and Hemp Rope)

In 1916, Austrian mountain guide Conrad Kain climbed the Bugaboo Spire, a 3,204-metre mountain in eastern British Columbia. It was considered one of the toughest climbs ever done in Canada until the 1940s, before rock climbing gear was invented.

A hundred years later, Bryan Thompson and three others decided to brave this alpine adventure using only the gear and food that would have been available to Conrad back in 1916.

Bryan Thompson describes hobnail boots as firm leather boots with just nails nailed into the soles. (Bryan Thompson/Hobnails and Hemp Rope)

The team has completed the climb last month. Bryan joins Candy to talk about the experience.

Bryan's team and their alpine adventure are the subject of an upcoming documentary, Hobnails and Hemp Rope. Watch the trailer: