Episode 11: Laws of attraction

This is a story of an unlikely couple that started out as friends-with-benefits and evolved to become long-term lovers. Hear the not-so-beautiful love story of how Dillon met Charlotte in this special Valentine's Day episode of Campus.
(Lena Yang)
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As we all know, relationships can be wonderful, but extremely complicated all at once. Sometimes, they take on strange, unexpected forms that create blurred lines. What does it mean to be exclusive, but not an official couple? And when does hooking up turn into a friends-with-benefits scenario? This is the awkward love story of Dillon and Charlotte.

They met in their first-year of university, a time when neither of them wanted to be in a relationship. But their initial attraction to one another turned a platonic friendship into a budding romance. After a few months of dating, Charlotte wanted to put a label on the relationship. But Dillon was still scared of being tied down in a committed relationship.

Find out how the two ended up together despite wanting completely different things in this special Valentine's Day episode of Campus.

We chat with relationship expert Dr. Kimberly Moffit about why we struggle to navigate through all the confusing facets of the dating world. 22:23
Kimberly Moffit is a couples counsellor based in Toronto.

After a bit of a rough start, Dillon and Charlotte have been happily together for three years. But it certainly took some work. The most interesting part of their story is the long and confusing journey they took to finally becoming a couple. Dillon and Charlotte really struggled to define some of those unclear lines that often come with dating.

To help bring things into focus for us, and talk about the complications that many couples face during university & college, we've invited relationship therapist, Dr. Kimberly Moffit to join us in the Campus studio.