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Campus is that place and time in our lives where everything changes. Consider it a platform at the CBC for students to be heard, but it’s not just about school.

"I'll never be normal now"

After years of suffering with Crohn's disease, Brittany Ferreira was forced to have her colon removed. At just 23, she wore an ostomy bag - a medical device that's usually associated with the elderly. Now, she's dealing with mounting insecurity about her body, as she figures out how to embrace it.
Dr. Kona Williams

Meet Canada's first Indigenous forensic pathologist

‘I could have easily ended up like some of the people who come across my table.’

Finding strength after struggling with sexual identity and neglect

Roddy-James Rodriguez is just one of the hundreds of students on campus, who give up on life each year, and attempt suicide. His struggle with depression is rooted in years of neglect, abandonment, and self-hate.

Lebanese electronic duo Wake Island explores immigrant experience in Canada

Wake Island, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is the unofficial mid-way point between Lebanon and Canada. It's also the stage name for an electronic duo that was created from a journey that's familiar to many Canadians -- the immigrant experience.

The slow killer: living with HIV on campus

Muluba Habanyama kept a lifelong secret from everyone she’s ever met -- she’s HIV positive. As a child, her mother told her not to tell a single soul, or it would ruin everything. Muluba quickly learned to distance herself from the world, and live a life of fear and self-hatred.

The gold show

Meet Shadae -- a webcam girl and who puts on erotic shows online for money, and lots of it. This is how she paid for her tuition and avoided a mountain of student debt.

Syrian refugee's loss, torture and escape to Canada

Mohammad Al Masalma's country was ripped apart during his time in university. After a revolution erupted in Syria, he joined anti-government protests to fight for his freedom. It led to his arrest and detainment by the Syrian regime. He was thrown in prison, where he was tortured, and nearly killed.

Canada's 1st Indigenous forensic pathologist dissects dark pasts of MMIW

Her worth and identity have always been under the microscope, but now Canada's first Indigenous forensic pathologist is facing even more pressure from her own community. Dr. Kona Williams is confronting some of the most sensitive autopsy cases around - the missing and murdered Indigenous women.

Going in circles: a mental health crisis on campus

We enter the mind of a student with bipolar disorder. Blake Horsley shares his deepest fears while battling a mental illness during college.

'God wasn't there': Why I walked away from Mormonism after 22 years

William dedicated 22 years of his life to Mormonism. But after struggling to get past the guilt of committing a massive sin, he not only abandoned his faith, he tried to completely erase it from his past. But religion was sown so deep into the fabric of who he was, he couldn’t escape it.

Walking with the ghosts of Blacksburg

After ten years, two survivors of the Virginia Tech shooting bravely recount the emotional and disturbing events of the fateful day that transformed their lives.

"School saved my life"

Being raised in a family with a history of violence and drugs can be tough for any kid. But for Travis Pereira, it was the only life he knew. In some ways he lived a double life. By day, he was a bookworm on campus amongst students. By night, he came home to a house littered with guns and drugs.

How Indigenous man Jesse Thistle broke the cycle of intergenerational trauma

For most of his life, Jesse Thistle lived the stereotypes that many people have of Indigenous people in Canada. For 10 years, he was heavily addicted to crack cocaine. But against all odds, Jesse overcame his addiction, and broke the cycle of an intergenerational trauma that ripped his family apart.

Game changer

He was one of the best college basketball players on the planet. But five days before his name would be called in the NBA Draft, Isaiah Austin’s dream was taken away from him.

When avoiding the Freshman 15 turns into an eating disorder

Body image can be a focal point for so many students starting out in university. But too often it can become an obsession. And in Meredith Healey’s case, it turned into a hunger game that threatened her life.

Curiosity killed the cancer

Steve Keating has always been deeply curious about the world. His relentless curiosity is the driving force behind everything he does. But it also led him down a frightening path. Hear the story of Steve’s unique fight with brain cancer and how his constant sense of curiosity helped save his life.

From jazz school dropout to world-renowned electronic musician

Hear Zach "Shigeto" Saginaw's remarkable journey to becoming the world-renowned electronic musician he is today.

University life as a 4th year virgin

Getting adjusted to college life is no easy feat. The pressure of fitting in and finding your feet during first year is huge. One of the biggest roadblocks to acceptance, strangely enough, is sex. Hear how Phil Leung's quest to lose his virginity led to a search for self-confidence.

No curry in the dorm room!: Artist Maria Qamar's brush with racism on campus

Maria Qamar has battled racism in school ever since moving to Canada from Pakistan as a young girl. Entering college, she assumed that everyone would have outgrown racism, until she met her roommate on campus. Listen to Maria’s deeply personal story of cultural tension and racism.

Love trumps hate: the new faces of feminism

In a special edition of Campus from Washington -- looking at the changing face of feminism in the aftermath of the now historic Women's March. We followed three Canadian university students to dig into why there's such a strong sense that women's rights are now at a tipping point.

The American Pipe Dream: Undocumented students' fate under Trump

As Donald Trump becomes America's 45th president, undocumented college students known as dreamers may soon be forced to give up everything they have.

​'I'm trapped in the wrong body': NWHL's Harrison Browne on becoming the man he is today

Harrison Browne, the NWHL's first openly transgender player, recounts how hockey helped him figure out who he really was.

Episode 3: Was she really me?

Acceptance and fitting in - it's something we all feel pressured to do - but imagine the struggle to fit in when you don't know who you are.

The students are the storytellers

Campus highlights the everyday extraordinary stories of student storytellers.