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Which of these weird Canadian coins are real?

The mint just made a Manitoba UFO coin.

This week, the Royal Canadian Mint released a $20 coin honouring "Manitoba's most famous UFO encounter" at Falcon Lake in 1967.

But a quick look at the mint's online catalogue reveals that is not the strangest coin available to Canadians.

Play "Cash or Counterfeit" and see if you can distinguish the real collector coins from the fake coins we photoshopped:

1. ​Frozen: Magic of the Northern Lights Collection: Olaf 

*Scroll over for the answer

2. San Xing God: Shou Xing  

3. Margaret Atwood: Canlit Collection

4. 125th Anniversary of the Stanley Cup® 

5. 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge 

6. Poutine La Banquise 

7. Mr. Dressup: Celebrating 65 years of CBC