Because News

The future is here! How to play the Because News quiz on Alexa

Have an Alexa? Introducing our new interactive news quiz on your smart speaker.
Huge news! CBC Radio’s Because News is now available on Alexa. Each week, Gavin will quiz you about the news in your very own home. It’s completely free and really easy to play. 0:53

Think you know the news? Let's put you to the test. ​CBC Radio's news quiz is now available on Alexa.

Each week, comedian Gavin Crawford will quiz you in your very own home with your Amazon smart speaker.  

To set it up: 

  • Say: "Alexa, Enable Because News Quiz." 

When you're ready to start: 

  •  Say: "Alexa, Play Because News Quiz."

It's that simple. And it's free!

Right now, there's a year-end 2018 quiz for you to play. Starting January 11, we'll have fresh news quizzes for you every Friday.