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You paid half a billion for Canada 150. What'd you get for it?

You'd be surprised about what you funded. Play our quiz!

The Canadian government has shelled out half a billion dollars to celebrate Canada 150. 

Because News tested the panel's confidence in government by having them sort out whether it's projects their tax dollars funded or projects our writers made up.

Click the audio above to hear how our comedians fared on the quiz. 

And play along to see how well you can answer the question – did you fund it?

1. A red couch that will travel across Canada in an RV so people can sit on it and say what Canada means to them.

Did you fund it? 


2. A supply of several hundred grey curly wigs to create Canada's largest Margaret Atwood parade.

Did you fund it?

3. A life-size game of Snakes and Ladders in the city of Calgary.

Did you fund it?

4. A reality show where ten Canadians will cross the Atlantic in the same conditions as the original settlers of New France.

Did you fund it?

5. A website where people can personalise and share an "enchanting digital spirit animal".

Did you fund it?

6. A rollicking stage musical all about Toronto's Clown Riot of 1855.

Did you fund it?

To hear how our panelists fared on this quiz, click the audio above. Plus, we have three more Canada Day quizzes for you.