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Opera star Ben Heppner sings the role of Donald Trump

VIDEO A world-renowned tenor sings some of Donald Trump's craziest quotes.

Opera legend Ben Heppner performs the new Donald Trump musical

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5 years ago
VIDEO | Rob Ford has an opera, Jerry Springer has an opera, but why not Donald Trump? Host Gavin Crawford and tenor Ben Heppner create their own rendition of 'Trumpera." 1:47

O mio babbino starro! This week on Because News, renowned opera star Ben Heppner takes our news quiz.

The Grammy-winning tenor takes up the challenge of turning Donald Trump's most newsworthy quotes into an opera, er, Trumpera.

Click the video to see Ben star as the charismatic but tyrannical businessman who rises through the ranks of real estate to become the leader of the free world, and subsequently marries his winsome daughter. (OK, maybe not that last part.)

We also quiz Ben about a new opera to hit the stage: Stephen King's The Shining. To hear Ben belt out a big "Here's Johnny!' listen to the audio above.