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Olympic sexism, Snoop Dogg's show, and wedding season news

Comedian Leslie Seiler, author Tom Howell, and actor Grace Lynn Kung take on this week's news quiz. Featuring guest host, Ashley Botting.

Female athletes are pretty much carrying Canada at the Olympics so far. Canadian women are bringing plenty of hardware. Our panel breaks down the gender politics in sports reporting and honours the women making us proud--all without mansplaining!

Snoop Dogg has finally found the perfect collaborator for his next project --Martha Stewart. The incongruous couple have teamed up for a new cooking show on VH1. Naturally, our guest host Ashley Botting wrote a rap about it for your listening...pleasure?

Plus, summer wedding season brings plenty of feel-good news, including this B.C. couple who got a visit from an extra-special wedding crasher who was on vacation from Parliament


Because News.

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