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The NRA is arming children's stories (for self-defense, natch)

The only thing that stops a Big Bad Wolf is a Big Good Wolf with a gun

This week in "we swear this isn't satire" the NRA published fairy tales online in which popular characters now have guns. Here's a short excerpt from "Little Red Riding Hood Has a Gun," a fully loaded bedtime story: 

"The wolf leaned in, jaws open wide, then stopped suddenly. Those big ears heard the unmistakable sound of a shotgun's safety being clicked off. Those big eyes looked down and saw that grandma had a scattergun aimed right at him. He realized that Grandmother hadn't been backing away from him; she had been moving towards her shotgun to protect herself and her home." 

The Because News panel wasn't on board. Maybe because they're Canadian, and sane.

Comedian Ron James spoke about what a stark contrast the gun culture is between America and Canada, saying "It's hard to pull a Colt .45 from your holster during a minus 45 Winnipeg wind chill."

Well, [Hansel and Gretel] wouldn't be in the candy house getting eaten by the witch if they'd wasted her.- Ron James on how the moral of the story changes when you add firearms to fairy tales. 

Ashley Botting noted how it fundamentally changes the message of the fairy tales, instead teaching kids that "there are no obstacles in life for one to overcome and learn from. Just shoot your obstacles." 

Update - Below are the 10 best #NRAKidsBooks suggestions.