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This town is considering paying its employees to have sex

QUIZ: can you guess the three reasons why city workers should get paid sex time?

This week, a little town called Overtornea made headlines for a new, uh, laid back policy one town councilor is proposing: a paid hour for city workers to have sex.  

So what's the story behind this subsidized sex break? Take this week's quiz to test your knowledge. 

1. Which Scandinavian country is home to Overtornea?

* click or scroll over for the answer.

2.  Town employees are already given an hour a week for a different type of activity.

Can you guess what activity it is?

3. Critics are concerned it would encourage employees to waste time on a certain smartphone app.

Which app were they referring to?

4. The councilor putting the idea forward acknowledged that it would be a hard policy to enforce. He said that it would be difficult to tell if an employee used the hour for sex or for another activity.

What example did he give?

5. This isn't Sweden's only progressive policy promoting work-life balance.

How many days of parental leave are given in Sweden?

6. At many offices in Sweden, it's mandatory for workers to take a Fika break.

What does a Fika break entail?

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