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Winnipeg Jet or 'West Side Story' Jet?

It's hard to distinguish between crews. Can you tell your Jets apart?

Two gangs of notorious toughs. One on the ice, one on the dance floor.  All of them have nicknames. 

It's the Winnipeg Jets vs. the West Side Story Jets.

Test your knowledge of Canada's last hope for the Stanley Cup with the game called "When You're a Jet.

Look at the nickname and guess if it's a dancing Jet or a skating Jet. 

1. Big Buff

Winnipeg Jet, or a West Side Story Jet?

*Scroll over the question mark to see the answer

2. Bambi

Scorer or dancer?

3. Snowboy

​Does Snowboy carry ice blades, or switchblades?

4. Helleyeah

Is Hellyeah good with a slingshot or with a slapshot?

5. Big Deal

NHL jet or Broadway jet?

6. Mouthpiece

Winnipeg Jet, or a West Side Story Jet?