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"Fire and Fury": Trump exposé or World War II history?

Are these quotes from Michael Wolff's book or U of T's Randall Hansen book?

Michael Wolff's presidential tell-all Fire and Fury continues to make headlines. The book chronicles the tumultuous first year of the Trump White House. 

Fire and Fury quickly shot to the top of the best seller list along with another book also titled Fire and FuryThis book, written by University of Toronto professor Randall Hansen, is about the allied bombing of Germany during World War II.

But how easy is it to tell the two tomes apart? Play our game "Fire and Fury" or "Fire and Fury?"

1. "His desk there was covered with many sentimental trinkets, gold medals and toothpicks."

Trump exposé or World War II history?

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2. "Some observers condemned the decision as craven, revisionist, even Orwellian.  Hate mail filled inboxes and the bloggers were active for weeks."

Trump exposé or World War II history?

3. "He was described as a simple machine. The 'ON' switch was full of flattery, the 'OFF' switch full of calumny."

Trump exposé or World War II history?

4. "His hunger for food, luxury and fame had been insatiable. He became fatter and fatter." 

Trump exposé or World War II history?

5. "His advisers didn't know whether he was an isolationist or a militarist, or whether he could distinguish between the two."

Trump exposé or World War II history?

6. "You defined yourself by your enemy's reaction. The new politics was not the art of the compromise but the art of conflict."

Trump exposé or World War II history?

7. "His fears were confirmed. The hours, in his words, were appalling. Often he would work till 3 or 4 in the morning, sometimes he didn't go home at all."

Trump exposé or World War II history?

8. "He preferred to be the person talking. And he trusted his own expertise—no matter how paltry or irrelevant—more than anyone else's."

Trump exposé or World War II history?

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